A 32 year old Lebanon man faces charges for a DUI crash that occurred back in November, including one for harassing the well-known South Londonderry police dog, Rex.

On November 3 around 10pm, South Londonderry Patrolman Nicholas Ague encountered a single vehicle accident in front of 2010 S. Forge Road.

According to the affidavit, a silver Jeep Wrangler was found disabled in the southbound lane, with a utility pole north of the Jeep on the west side of the road that had a fresh impact mark on it.

Patrolman Ague says that the driver claimed “something” ran in front of him, but that he had been able to swerve and avoid it and not strike anything. Yet the front of the Jeep was damaged, including both wheels. The driver showed signs of intoxication and was ID’ed and given a field sobriety test, which he did not pass.

Two pipes were found in the man’s center console.

According to the affidavit, the man took the opportunity of Patrolman Ague searching the vehicle to click and whistle at K-9 Rex, who was secured in a separate partition next to the prisoner section. The man allegedly stopped when the officer returned to the vehicle before resuming when he left and in addition to the clicking and whistling, the man is said to have also called the K-9 by name as well as telling him to “mush.”

After being transported to the WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital, a blood test was performed, showing a BAC of 0.239% and a presence of THC in the man’s system.

He faces four misdemeanor DUI charges and one for possession, as well as a few traffic violations and a disorderly conduct charge for taunting Rex. The case has a preliminary hearing scheduled for March 21 at 8am in front of District Justice Carl R. Garver.


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