LebTown is on hiatus for the holidays. Excluding any breaking news, we will return to our regular posting schedule on Dec. 30.

When I shared a similar post last Christmas, this was a one-person occasional blog with aspirations of something bigger – “From these humble beginnings we hope to grow into Lebanon’s premiere news outlet.”

We are realizing that vision thanks to you. In 2019, this site evolved into a true team effort, the LebTown newsroom. We have met great friends and partners and established deep relationships with writers, members, and advertisers.


As our audience has grown, we have remained focused on securing that most precious asset – the trust of our readers.

LebTown is local news produced for and by the residents of Lebanon County.

We are proud to be continuing a long and honorable tradition of journalism in Lebanon County (see a list of outlets below).


When visiting with friends and family this holiday season, please consider mentioning LebTown to them. We are ready to be their Lebanon County news source, with a local perspective that they can’t get anywhere else. It’s the type of reporting that makes our communities stronger.

If you have thoughts, questions, or other feedback as we head into our third year of operation, please contact me using the form below.

From all of us at LebTown, enjoy the rest of your holiday season.

Selected Lebanon County Newspapers, 1807 – Present
Der Freymüthige Libanoner (The Free Lebanoner) 1807 • Der Libanoner Morgenstern (The Lebanon Morning-Star) 1808 • Der Weltbohe und Unparteyische Libanoner Wochenschrift (the World Messenger and Impartial Lebanoner Weekly) 1809 • Lebanon Courier 1819 • Der Libanon Demokrat (The Lebanon Democrat) 1827 •Der Wahre Demokrat (The True Democrat) 1837 • The Lebanon Advertiser 1849 • The Star 1862 • Der Pennsylvaniaer (The Pennsylvanian) 1865 • Lebanon Valley Standard 1871 • Lebanon Daily News 1872 • The Annville Journal 1888 • Lebanon Daily Report 1890 • Fredericksburg Herald 1894 • Semi-Weekly Report 1894 • Lebanon Semi-Weekly News 1894 • Palmyra Record 1899 • The Star Advertiser 1900 • Evening Report 1901 • The Daily Republican 1903 • Lebanon Courier and Semi-Weekly Report 1908 • The Lebanon Tribune 1910 • Palmyra Citizen 1911 • Der Foulke-Freund (The Folk-Friend) 1927 • Swatara Times 1928 • Lebanon County Press 1928 • New Enterprise 1936 • Progressive Weekly 1937 • Lebanon County Bulletin 1939 • The Lebanon Evening Star 1945 • Lebanon Valley Register 1945 • Tomahawk 1951 • The Record 1964 • Lebanon Weekly News 1967 • Community Courier 1989 • Palmyra Chronicle 1990 • Mt. Gretna News 1990 • Fishwrapper 1995 • LebTown 2018


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An earlier version of this post said that we had a great 2020, instead of 2019 as intended. We sincerely regret the error – but here’s hoping that the statement proves true a year from now!


Davis Shaver

Davis Shaver is the publisher of LebTown. He grew up in Lebanon and currently lives outside of Hershey, PA.