Lebanon’s Coleman Memorial Park is as cozy as ever in the middle of the autumn season. Want proof? Just check out these photos LebTown captured on a recent sunny October afternoon.

All photos by Will Trostel.

The park entrance at 1400 Maple Street in the northwest section of Lebanon.
The park can be driven through on this one-way road with parking lots and other exits along the way.
One of the pavilions at the park.

The park encompasses 99 acres and was formerly owned by the Coleman family, who deeded it to the City of Lebanon in 1936. A few remnants of the park’s past, including the sites of demolished mansions, are commemorated with plaques found throughout, and ruins of the Coleman-operated North Lebanon Furnace can be found on some of the back trails through the park.

One of the park’s four baseball diamonds on its southern side.
The Veterans Memorial Amphitheater isn’t hosting any productions or performances right now, but it’s usually the place where “Music in the Park” is held.
The tennis courts are slowly filling up with fallen leaves at this time of year.
The park has a mix of paved and dirt pathways snaking through the grounds.

Inside, there’s no shortage of pavilions, sports courts, playing fields, and other unique amenities like the Veterans Memorial Amphitheater, which hosts stage productions and music performances. At the time of publication, the only public event on park’s calendar of events is the annual Christkindl Market held during the upcoming holiday season. The newest addition to the park’s features is a bicycle playground built by the Susquehanna Area Mountain Bike Association, or SAMBA for short. The playground was opened to the public at the start of the month.

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A couple’s swing underneath a few towering trees.
For those who like a bit of solitude, there’s several less-traveled footpaths through the woods of the park.
The Children’s Garden might not be in full spring bloom, but it’s certainly not lacking for color.

The park is overseen by the Coleman Memorial Park Board of Trustees and the park’s website. A Master Site Plan hosted on the site goes into detail on the park’s history, features, and future plans (at least, at the time of its publication in 2011).

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It’s just that time of the year to see the most vibrant orange and red fallen leaves.
Also at the park is a miniature golf course.
So long for now, Coleman Memorial Park.

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Joshua Groh

Josh is a Cornwall native and freelancer with a love of local history and the outdoors.