After 48 years of putting employers and employees together, Downtown Lebanon’s TempForce is now Spherion Staffing Services.

Both are owned by Randstad U.S.A., and local owner Glenn Rambler says that, other than the name and even better service, clients aren’t likely to notice major changes.

“There will be very few visible changes,” Rambler said. “This isn’t a closing of one business and the opening of a new one. It’s really just a transfer within the same family of brands.”

The local office will stay at 827 Cumberland St., and Rambler’s experienced five-person staff will remain unchanged.

So why change at all?

“The reason for the conversion is to leverage more resources,” according to Rambler. Spherion “allows us to have more resources for recruiting, for market research and analysis, and for technology to meet new market demands.”

Knowledge is important, and Rambler pointed to Spherion’s research on emerging workforce, compensation, and workplace trends, as well as its data on talent supply and demand cycles.

“This is stuff we previously had to explore on our own,” he said. “We now have that corporate backing to make us more efficient and effective.”

According to Rambler, about 80% of TempForce / Spherion’s employer clients are in the manufacturing, production, and warehousing industries. “And most of our customers have been doing business with us for 20 plus years.”

About 75% of the employees placed are “temp to perm,” meaning they spend their first one to three months as temporary employees, then get hired full time.

Spherion has over 150 locally owned offices in 37 states, including 21 in Pennsylvania.

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