LebTown is featuring a different Lebanon County pet each Friday to help us enter the weekend with the best vibes possible.

This week’s pet is Dallas, owned by Diane Carroll of Annville.

Dallas is an 11-year-old Brussels Griffon who lives with his beloved pack – a Pitbull named Billy, a Lab named Myna, a Chihuahua named Katie, three cats named Crew, Lizzie, and Harley, and many birds and fish.

Brussels Griffons come from Belgium and were known to be used as mousers, kind of like a cat. Dallas acts like it too! Sometimes he thinks he’s the alpha of the house, however his brother Billy the Pitbull reminds him who is boss… but never in a mean way.

Recently, Dallas had a very serious medical issue that his family thought he was not going to survive. But through the determination of his momma and his great veterinarian, he not only survived, he has a new lease on life!

He loves to go everywhere with his family. He joins his family as they traverse the farm to feed the cattle and he often finds his way into the chicken coup. He also loves visiting the beach and taking walks. Dallas is very active, playful and loves his people with his whole heart!

Congratulations Dallas, on being LebTown’s Pet of the Week!

Looking for a pet? Check out available adoptions at the Humane Society of Lebanon County.

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