As LebTown reported in March, Bayer Corporation’s Myerstown plant, which already employs about 600 permanent and temporary workers, is in the midst of a campaign to hire 40 more permanent employees to fill production operator, warehousing, materials handling, and technical positions.

At an Apr. 15 press conference outside the facility, Michael Sullivan, Bayer’s North American Vice President for Product Supply, said that the COVID pandemic has increased demand for over-the-counter health care products such as those produced at the 74 year old plant.

“The pandemic has made us learn quite a bit, and what we’ve learned in particular is that we’ve had a tremendous increase in requirements for our products,” Sullivan said.


The plant annually produces over 150 million packages – over one billion individual doses – of world famous brands such as Bayer Aspirin, Alleve, Claritin, Alka-Seltzer Plus, and One A Day and Flintstones Vitamins.

Sullivan said that Bayer is a great place to work. “On average, people stay with Bayer for about 12 years. We offer great pay, benefits on day one, and a sign-on bonus.”

When asked if he expects the upturn in demand to end when the COVID pandemic is over, Sullivan pointed to the overall growth in demand for all healthcare products. “Clearly we’ve seen growth in our brands . . . and we believe these are long term trends.”


Sullivan was joined by state Representative Russ Diamond (R-101), who praised the company and its Lebanon County workforce. “Bayer stays here,” he said, “because the workforce here is fantastic.” He praised Bayer’s employees “for the difference they are making in the lives of so many people across the country and around the world.”

Referring to what he described as “the COVID crisis,” Diamond said “our experiences over the last year have put a spotlight on . . . the importance of insuring we’re doing everything possible to maintain our own health.”

State Representative Russ Diamond (L) and Bayer North American VP for Product Supply Michael Sullivan. (LebTown)

How to apply for a job at Bayer Myerstown


Apply by filling out an online form at the company’s website, Career.Bayer.US.

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