Tuesday Aug. 24, M&C Restaurant Supply opened for business at 201 E. Lehman St., Lebanon.

The new supplier stocks non-food products necessary for small restaurants, such as takeout containers, paper cups, bags, and more. They also sell some non-perishable food products: namely rice, oil, sugar and salt.

Some of the stock at M&C Restaurant Supply as of Tuesday. Prior to the store’s opening Tuesday, owner Cesar Harwood spent about six months renovating, stocking the store, and acquiring permits.

“We’ve been trying to get a feel for what everybody needs, what they want, so we can stock up on those things” said owner Cesar Harwood, explaining that he has been in contact with local restaurants.

Harwood explained that M&C is Lebanon’s only restaurant supplier, and many business owners he spoke with currently buy stock from Reading or Hershey. M&C offers similar products at comparable prices, with free delivery within five miles of the store.

“We are expecting a positive reaction from the community because there’s nothing like it in Lebanon,” he said.

Stocked kitchenware at M&C Restaurant Supply.

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