When tragedy strikes, first responders show up to the scene looking to save lives. Traditionally we think of ourselves, but what about our pets?

Our faithful friends are also included in the mandate of organization like First Aid & Safety Patrol, which recently received a donation of 18 canine oxygen masks from the Lebanon County Kennel Club.

“We want to save lives, no matter how many legs you walk on,” said FASP executive director Gregg Smith in a release announcing the donation.

The masks can be used to revive pets and provide an immense sense of relief to residents who desperately want to see their pets cared for too following a tragedy.

“Many residents regard their companion animals almost as family members, and feel that it is important that they receive oxygen at the scene with a properly fitting mask,” notes the release.

The masks fit onto standard oxygen lines. Cats and small dogs will wear the mask as usual, while larger dogs may be treated with only their nose in the mask enclosure. These reusable masks have now been placed on every FASP unit, according to the release.

The Lebanon County Kennel Club is a nonprofit that promotes responsible dog ownership. For more information about the kennel club, visit their website.

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