As part of the American Heart Association’s annual Lebanon Heart Ball, First Aid and Safety Patrol received a donation of 20 CPR Anytime training kits from Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster.

The donation was part of the orthopedic care provider’s sponsorship of the Heart Ball, which will be held Saturday, May 21, at Lebanon Country Club.

The CPR Anytime kits were developed to provide everything needed to learn the skills of CPR, AED awareness, and choking relief in about 20 minutes, according to a press release by the American Heart Association.

The kits, which retail for $38.50 on the AHA website, are portable and can be used multiple times to train families and organizations on how to provide CPR in advance of first responders arriving to help in event of an emergency. The kits include an English and Spanish bilingual instructional DVD, bilingual skills reminder card, Mini Anne® CPR personal manikin, and manikin care supplies.

“Under the best circumstances, it can take our ambulances upwards of five to ten minutes to arrive on the scene of a cardiac arrest,” said Gregg Smith, executive director of First Aid and Safety Patrol, in the press release.

Smith said that many times the difference between the victim living and dying can be bystanders doing CPR prior to EMS arrival.

“Helping to connect the American Heart Association’s CPR training resources with First Aid and Safety Patrol will help get these lifesaving skills into the hands of more families in Lebanon County,” said Bill Weik, CEO of Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster, in the release.

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