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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

1412 East Queen Street
Grace A. Hirschbock to Frederick A. and Doris M. Aydt for $190,000.

49 South Manheim Street
Marie G. Garrett Estate, Phillip E. Garrett, Pamela J. Brocious to Gary Z. and Lucinda M. Horst for $70,000.

Bethel Township

317 Mountain Drive
Thomas P. McKerns, Joan M. Adam to Rikki and Timothy Weimer for $275,000.

144 Lake Side Drive Lot 84
Marlyn W. and Linda M. Horner to Maxx Properties LLC for $186,100.

Corrective Deed ES Sugar Road
George and Barbara Bauer to Eve Manbeck Estate for $1.

Corrective Deed WS Sugar Road
George and Barbara Bauer to Eve Manbeck Estate for $1.

937 Mountain Drive
Byron J. and Anita Y. Fake to Tony L. and Kari A. Fake for $185,000.

132 Elk Drive
Theresa M. Herr to Theresa Miller, Matthew S. Herr for $1.

City of Lebanon

130 Canal Street
Danielle M. Devitz to Tammy and Scott Waltermeyer for $80,000.

375 North Partridge Street
Clair E. Seibert, Jr. to Maria I. R. Lantigua for $85,000.

405 Chestnut Street
Michael R. Deitzler to Amos Stoltzfus, Jr. for $30,000.

614 Orange Street
Charles L. Brown to George and Virginia Echternacht for $128,000.

1020 Chestnut Street Etc.
Fred G. and Debra Stafford to Zook Rentals LLC for $1,500,000.

429 New Street
Ahmed Mohamed, Naglaa A. Abdelhamid to Ahmed Mohamed for $1.

6608 Huckleberry Lane Lot 23
Joseph Crugnale to Stephen Pacetti for $210,000.

551 East Scull Street
Chris L. Iceman, David B. Emore to Kristopher Martin for $65,000.

22 North 7th Street
David and Marilyn K. Barto to Mill Run Realty LLC for $220,000.

432 New Street
PA Deals LLC to Carlos Suarez for $65,000.

Quit Claim Deed 1013 East Lehman Street
Jared M. Zombro to James E. Zombro, Jr. for $1.

1105 Oak Street Lot 19
Timothy and Paula Spirawk to Barbara A. Neil for $253,000.

842 Walnut Street
Todd and Regina Jarvis to Anthony C. Coumbe, Hunter R. Davies for $240,000.

1023 Cornwall Road
Mary E. Clay to Mary E., Ralph H., and Terese M. Clay, Jr. for $1.

520 North 8th Avenue
Ernest M. and Marilyn F. Shott, Kathy M. Hutchings to Edwin Romero for $170,000.

607 Cumberland Street
Theodore E. Fisher Estate, Theodore E. Fisher, Jr. Estate, Theodore E. Fisher III to Jose J. C. Hernandez for $100,000.

405 Chestnut Street
Amos Stoltzfus, Jr. to Zook Rentals LLC for $59,900.

31 North 9th Street
Michael W. Miller Estate, Giovana D. Miller to Giovana D. Miller for $1.

419 Walnut Street
Malcolm E. and Jeanette F. Beck to Euclides Morfa for $113,500.

230 Lehman Street
Merbet Properties LLC to Stephanie G. Reyes for $185,000.

413 North 11th Street
Familia Santiago LLC to Noel Hernandez for $110,000.

31 North 9th Street
Giovana D. Miller to Woodrow C. Miller for $1.

553 Weidman Street
Jose Pacheco Estate, Lydia Cardona to Eddie D. R. Rivera for $85,000.

950 Linden Street
Revital Home Co. LLC to VWC Rentals LLC for $55,000.

460 New Street
Loida F. Reyes to Josue G. Fonesca for $0.

831 Walnut Street
Dennis R. and Nan Milhoan to Nelson R. Guilfuchi for $155,000.

319 East Cumberland Street
High Level Investment LLC to Keith W. and Amy J. Donnachie for $65,000.

715 South 14th Street
Scott M. Szelewa to Dylan Kramer for $200,000.

Cleona Borough

127 North Garfield Street
June M. Kohr Estate, Bruce R. Kohr to Bruce R. Kohr for $1.

107 West Penn Avenue
Maxine L. Brandt to Mario J. Morales, Fatima DeMorales for $155,000.

Cornwall Borough

1038 Stanford Drive Unit 159
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Monica M. Ziegler for $502,496.

212 Burd Coleman Road
Jeffrey P. Weidemoyer to Olivia M. Hoffer for $140,000.

East Hanover Township

650 Pine Road Lots 5, 6, 7, and 8
Ashraf M. Hammad to Donald J. and Melissa L. Stratton, III for $65,000.

North of Appalachian Drive
Justine M. and Michael P. Fetterhoff to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for $68,000.

45 Race Horse Drive Lot 16
Brian J. Hefferon to Lianna B. McKibbin for $237,000.

35 Appalachian Drive
Kevin T. Albert, Jr., Desiree A. Swygert to Robert R. and Susan D. Louer for $157,500.

Heidelberg Township

228 Mountain Trail Road
Rodolfo and Courtney R. Rios to Joel T. Peachey for $270,000.

135 Distillery Road
John D., Rachelle, and Troy J. Ebersole to Troy J. Ebersole for $1.

Jackson Township

330 North Railroad Street
Nancy L. and Roger Kauffman to Nancy L. Kauffman for $1.

531 Kutztown Road
Galen D. and Rosalie F. Hoover to Jesse W. and Lucille M. Oberholtzer for $125,000.

Quit Claim Deed 214 West Franklin Avenue Lot 94
Leesa K. Ney to Michael P. Ney for $10.

9 Lakeview Drive Lot 110
Leroy F. Miller Estate, Patricia N. Miller Estate, Anna J. Potteiger, Judith N. Day to Joan Madenford Revocable Trust, Joan Madenford Revocable Trust for $180,000.

155 Martin Road
Sylvia H. Ebersole Estate, Galen M. Martin to Brenda Ebersole for $1.

711 Elm Street
Steven W. Dresch to Marvin and Renee Smucker for $179,000.

403 Stracks Dam Road
Anna K. Nolt to Anna K. Nolt Revocable Living Trust, Anna K. Nolt for $1.

41 Martin Road
Donald B. and Crystal A. S. Perkins to Gene T. Schneck, Amanda S. Messner for $245,000.

47 North Ramona Road Lot “A” Etc.
Miriam M. and Nevin M. Burkholder to Jennifer J. Moyer for $326,000.

21 Elco Drive
Randolph L. and Victoria A. Hower to Edward A. and Joyce D. Bley for $345,000.

413 West Main Avenue and 411-415 West Main Street
Howard G. and Colletta J. Horst to Howard G. Horst Revocable Living Trust, Colletta J. Horst Revocable Living Trust, Howard G. and Colletta J. Horst for $1.

358 King Street
Howard G. and Colletta J. Horst to Howard G. Horst Revocable Living Trust, Colletta J. Horst Revocable Living Trust, Howard G. and Colletta J. Horst for $1.

4 Applecreek Lane Lot 24
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Powers Kirn LLC, Powers Kirn & Javardian LLC to Matthew J. Wagner for $399,909.

33 Beverly Drive Lot 70
Juan and Nancy R. Reyes to Lorin and Wendy S. Zimmerman for $189,500.

Jonestown Borough

107 Creekview Drive Lot 201
William and Debra Bering to Austin N. Dipofi for $271,500.

Millcreek Township

104 Sweetwater Lane Lot 338
Thomas and Charlene Shutika to Colton J. Shephard, Tanya N. Sasso for $275,000.

121 West Main Street
Kenneth R. Moore IV, Tiffany L. Janesko to Tiffany L. Janesko for $0.

120 North Ash Road
Raymond H. and Alma Zimmerman to JFM Holdings LLC for $1.

5 Lester Lane
Kelly J. Ziegler to Loren D. and Kelly J. Ziegler for $1.

Mt. Gretna Borough

217 Lancaster Avenue
Brett and Sarah LLC to Gerald J. and Mary A. Ressler for $360,000.

204 Columbia Avenue
Kimberly F. Haag Estate, Jamielynn Murray to Timothy D. and Lisa L. MacLean for $392,500.

Myerstown Borough

110 South Railroad Street
Scott A. and Michelle A. Houtz to Michelle A. Houtz for $1.

17 East Main Avenue
East Main Properties LLC to Newmasterland Properties LLC for $476,000.

19-21 East Center Avenue and 415 South Cherry Street
Zook Rentals LLC to Zook Rentals LLC for $1.

6 West Lincoln Avenue
Nickolas R. and Macey J. Donaldson to Thomas W. Noone, Cynthia F. Flanagan for $169,150.

2 North Railroad Street
Lisa F. Minetree to Jeffrey D. and Linette R. Eberly for $380,000.

North Annville Township

1005 North State Route 934
Betty L., Dennis L., and Thomas A. Blauch to Andrew S. and Sherilyn E. Kreider for $785,000.

46 Upper Glen Lane
Gary L. Rodkey to Thanh Thach for $15,000.

North Cornwall Township

630 Pondside Lane Lot 189
Philip and Rosemary Contino to John P. and Suzanne S. Balmer, Judith A. Price, Detmar W. Straub, Jr. for $400,000.

916 Cross Creek Court Lot 232
Cole R. and Tracy Hackert to American International Relocation Solutions LLC for $510,000.

916 Cross Creek Court Lot 232
American International Relocation Solutions LLC to Kalkidan M. Abebe, Bedilu W. Woldaregay for $510,000.

1907 Fieldcrest Road Lot 11
Vance O. and Lori D. Maynard to Patrick W. and Jaime L. Lewis for $520,000.

533 Waterside Circle Lot 138
Matthew A. Shirk to Nicholas V. and Amanda Wachter for $360,000.

69 Creekside Drive Lot 51
Jason and Kristin Pekarik to Jordan and Madeline J. Harro for $445,000.

6 Whitney Way Lot 23 Royal Oaks
Peter R. Henninger, Jr., Barbara Spangler to John E. and Tricia M. Guth for $685,000.

727 Farmwood Lane Unit 74
Zachary W. and Sarah E. Warren to Vickie A. Fazio for $245,000.

1234 Cornwall Road Part of Lots 7 and 8
Tristan M. McNeal to Ann M. Shaver for $295,000.

2225 Chestnut Street
Bigbee Steel and Tank Company to Erekev LLC for $550,000.

North Lebanon Township

1721 Grace Avenue
Corey A. Bickle to Gina M. Kline for $1.

822 Marcon Drive
Catherine E. Kreiser Estate, Keith R. Bender to Keith R. Bender for $191,000.

110 Cedar Lane Lot 10
Jason G. Borowski to Jason G. Borowski, Ryan J. Lahr for $1.

909 Miller Street
Michael E. Fritz Estate, Edward E. Fritz Estate, Aubrey L. Weaver to Aubrey L. Weaver for $1.

890 Melody Lane Lot 39
Chivon M. Sechrist to Ty J. Hewett, Sabrina N. Foesig for $310,000.

920 Redwood Lane Lot 28
Terry Lee Pistone Estate, Leonard F. Pistone, Jr. to Joshua A. Mohlmann for $221,000.

100 Roberts Circle Lot 1
Daniel Martin to Reuben L. Stoltzfus for $245,000.

102 Roberts Circle Lot 2
Daniel Martin to Elam M. Stoltzfus for $235,000.

104 Roberts Circle Lot 3
Daniel Martin to Henry E. Fisher for $235,000.

106 Roberts Circle Lot 4
Daniel Martin to Peaceful Lane Rentals LLC for $235,000.

108 Roberts Circle Lot 5
Daniel Martin to Rays Rental Properties LLC for $245,000.

936 Snapdragon Court Lot 173
Lois M. Tinney Estate, Lois May Tinney Estate, Janet A. Henrich to Kenneth Krukowski, Alejandro Rivera, Jr. for $330,000.

275 Strack Drive Lot 8 Etc.
Nancy B. Latshaw Estate, Tia Harris to Dale and Kristine Weiler for $130,000.

918 Miller Street
Victor F. Guisbert Estate, Kaoutar Chfifig to Kaoutar Chfifig for $1.

1386 Ridge Road Lot 24
Ronald C. and Michael R. Keller to Brenda L. and Michael R. Keller for $1.

1382 Sholly Avenue Lot 58
Carol Meily to TCP Homes LLC for $213,000.

932 Sweetbay Lane Lot 33
Gary L. DeLisio to Roger K. and Mary L. A. Rensch for $392,000.

1141 Sun Drive Lot 34
Joseph Siouffi, Marisa Atkinson to Constance M. Fullenlove, Ronald A. Johnson for $329,000.

2909 Tunnel Hill Road
Karen M. Masser Estate, Karen Marie Masser Estate, Karen M. Hartman Masser Estate, Aaron Hartman to Taylor A. Lilley, Bethany M. Conley for $249,900.

2410 Elias Avenue
Betty L. Hower to Stephen and Sarah Kane for $210,000.

1235 North 8th Street
Bradley T. Allwein, Jr. to Legacy Cash Offer LLC for $1.

North Londonderry Township

21 Palmyra Bellegrove Road
Michael E. Barry to Daniel L., Ruth A., and Kevin J. Lapp for $425,000.

1002 Cambridge Court
Robert A. Massar to Laurence J. and Gerlinde A. Chaky for $230,000.

300 West Elm Street Lot 20
Brenda R. Ponich to Rodney M. and Carol A. Rentschler for $280,000.

144 Spruce Court
Abel B. Guardia, Yovana R. Becerra to Sara R. G. Cabezudo for $1.

857 Pajabon Street Lot 1 Section B
Windsor S. Inc. to Cocalico Holdings LLC for $48,500.

115 Bradley Road
Dino M. and Sandra F. Pellegrini to Brian K. Hurst for $315,000.

720 Cambridge Court Plot 53
Catherine A. Dill to Peyton C. Stretch for $218,000.

74 Oxford Road
Bryce Z. and Nikkia R. Fullmer to Prem N. and Saraswati Siwakoti for $540,000.

1321 Park Drive Lot 3
Eleanor J. Duda to Samiksha and Hari M. Humagai for $294,900.

Palmyra Borough

737 West Oak Street Lot 30
Viki S. Price to Genae N. Davenport, Anderson F. Hollenbach, Christine E. Waltermyer for $148,000.

Corrective Deed 209-211 North Railroad Street
Timothy Gingrich to Beyond Holdings LLC for $650,000.

220 West Cherry Street
Gloria G. Powell Estate, Michael F. Capriotti to Erica D. Barley for $251,000.

110 South Lingle Avenue
Jessica J. Berman to Travis J. Wolfe for $142,000.

635 North Railroad Street Lots 2 and 3
Melody L. Nye Estate, Jeb and Thomas Osborne to Souad Houisnate, Franklyn Pichardo for $140,000.

202 East Oak Street
David F. Rossetti, Cathy A. Eby to Tess and Andrew Stevenson for $305,000.

523 East Cherry Street Lot 2
Chad M. Garrison to Matthew C. Holliman for $152,000.

608 North Railroad Street
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Freddie Mac to Steven and Brittany Hershey for $71,925.

738 North Railroad Street
Larry D. and Patricia A. Tobias to Glendalis L. Cruz for $145,000.

141 North Prince Street
Jesse J. Weaber to Ryan S. Martin, Catherine Krow for $210,000.

44-46 North Chestnut Street Lot 40
Marvin L. and Sadie M. Riehl to Reuben B. and Miriam E. Fisher for $375,000.

Richland Borough

218 East Main Street
Matthew W. and Erin Bills to Franklin Seyfert, Jr. for $248,000.

South Annville Township

29 Finch Drive
Michael and Jennifer Bixler to Nicholas J. Benulis for $440,000.

577 Louser Road
Jay R. Hoffer, Sr. Estate, Jerry R. Hoffer to Daniel J. and Kelli M. Mackewicz for $305,000.

Corrective Deed 745 Killinger Road Lot 1
MFS Inc. to NP South Annville LLC for $1.

450 Reigerts Lane
Garman Builders at Wynfield LLC to Colt O. Galusha for $1.

425 Mayapple Drive Unit 99 Building 18
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Andre and Danielle McBreairty for $339,990.

6 Ironwood Drive Lot 102
M. Lester and Jean C. Stuckey to Eldon R. and Louann K. Nolt for $285,000.

774 South Lancaster Street
Kirk K. and Charlene Williams to Narawana D. Nelson for $535,000.

South Lebanon Township

1250 Birch Road Lot 4
Harry B. and Kathy J. Royer to Brandon J. and Heather M. Miller for $355,000.

1920 Leinbaugh Avenue
Patricia A. and Vicki M. Swartz to Dale E. and Mary A. Gruber for $85,000.

210 Poplar Street
Richard K. and Marlyn A. Blandy to Richard K. and Marlyn A. Blandy for $1.

50 South 5th Avenue
Bonnie A. Shirk to Cecelia A. Eisenhour for $70,000.

(UPI #21-2314020-390850-0000)
William E. and Sharon K. Fleischer to Andrew J. and Alisha K. Fleischer for $1.

1641 Cambridge Drive
Andrew J. and Alisha K. Fleischer to Andrew J. and Alisha K. Fleischer for $1.

26 Jayann Drive
Brandy L. Hudnett to Craig T. Heater for $1.

2009 South Lincoln Avenue
Richard L. and Susan R. Freet, Jr. to Richard L. Freet, Jr. for $1.

575 Charles Street
Marlin E. and Marlene F. Martin to Tika Thapa, Uma Chauhan for $530,000.

460 Schaeffer Road Lot 1
Lois E. Heisey to Jason M. and Margaret B. Heisey for $1.

South Londonderry Township

102 Shady Lane Lot 20
Douglas A. and Deborah L. Farst to James T. Fulk, Charlene R. Kreider for $550,000.

224 Village Cove
Robin G. Reilly, Robin and Troy Morgan to Vincent and Angela Reigle for $375,000.

2820 Horseshoe Pike
Nicole M. and Francisco J. Cordero to Kyra E. Wakefield for $150,000.

(UPI #31-2292932-349011-0000) Unit 3
Suzanne B. Baker to Suzanne B. Baker Irrevocable Deed of Trust for $1.

S of Spring Road Lot 30
Alecxih Realty LLC to John R. and Annette M. Wigton for $174,900.

98 Cobblestone Drive
Justin and Kyristen Osburn to Justin and Kyristen Osburn for $1.

8076 Colebrook Road
Quinne R. Walborn to Brad A. Zerphey for $187,000.

831 Galen Road Lot 137
Bruce H. and Shelly L. Rambler to Quinne R. A. Walborn for $279,000.

4351 Harvest Road
Rickie L. and Josephine A. Weaber to Stephen R. and Rickie L. Gusler, Jr. for $135,000.

121 North Larkspur Drive Lot 6
Erika R. and David Everly to Yaman and Diya D. Kharel for $501,000.

Swatara Township

122 Lighthouse Drive Lot 4
Tammy L. and Richard D. Boyer to Ashley K. Gassert for $170,000.

Corrective Deed 366 State Route 22
George and Barbara Bauer to Eve Manbeck Estate for $1.

69 Fairway Drive Lot 66
Charles L. and Lisa M. Behrens, Jr. to Lisa M. Behrens for $1.

372 Mountville Drive
Marilyn W. Riegel, Suzette L. Wells to Jonathan Riegel, Suzette L. Wells for $110,000.

5 Walnut Street
Beatrice C. Miller Estate, Thomas S. Long to Kellie Nottage for $130,000.

23 Leeper Lane Lot 1
Robert E. and Hope E. Schell to Hope Schell for $1.

14 Plum Lane
Judith A. Howard to Craig A. Horst for $1.

40 Mountain Drive and 1605 Heilmandale Road
Henry J. Arnold, Jr. Estate, Sandra A. Podjed to Sharon L. Wartluft for $1.

404 Cindy Drive Lot 50
Timothy M. and Rikki E. Weimer to Princessca Rene, Taddous Gillis for $182,000.

Union Township

95 Tomstown Road
George R. and Earla M. Hitz to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for $132,000.

210 Moonshine Road
Kay L. Dimmick to Kay L. Dimmick Irrevocable Trust, John P. Dimmick for $1.

513 Jonestown Road
Norman G. Reagan Estate, Kathy Wisner to Mariusz Niewiadomski for $280,000.

112 Campmeeting Road
Ronald L. and Debra A. Snyder to Jesse and Melinda B. Burkholder for $580,000.

97 Fort Swatara Road
Mildred Yezdimir to Mildred Yezdimir Revocable Trust, Yezdimir Mildred Revocable Trust for $1.

West Cornwall Township

WS Lebanon Road
Joshua D. Witmer to M. Daniel Heisey for $1.

35 West Main Street
Mark L. and Kelly A. Arnold to Mark L. Arnold for $1.

65 West Main Street
Gary J. and Roberta L. Brummel to Scott R. and Margaret L. Groy for $275,000.

180 Riders Way
Jessica L. Moyer to Dean M. Bragg, Paula T. and Steven Marquez for $195,000.

West Lebanon Township

2105 Church Street
Albert J. and Samantha L. Sutcliffe to Debbie Moore for $185,000.

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