Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

350 West Sheridan Avenue
Fred H. and Debra A. Hess to Joseph Gates, Callahan Bretz for $245,000.

1409 East Queen Street Lot 38 and Part of Lot 37
Ronald A. and Patricia J. Krall, Sr. to Christian and Rachel Shaw for $190,000.

113 South White Oak Street
Andrea L. Drake to Sidney Thornton IV for $275,000.

24 North Lancaster Street
Dolores Florence Wolfe Estate, Dolores F. Wolfe Estate, Dolores Wolfe Estate, Jerry A. Wolfe to Jolene T. Cramer for $110,000.

1465 East Walnut Street Lots 91 and 92
Matthew L. and Bettey Bussom to Brendon J. Bussom for $209,000.

233 South Lancaster Street
Michael A. Hoover Estate, Henry U., Leroy D., and Samuel E. Fisher, Elizabeth B. Hershey to Sidnal Properties LLC for $170,000.

Bethel Township

149 Chestnut Hill Road
Larry C. Gerhart, Sherri L. Church to Jeffrey P. and Meredith D. Engebretson for $491,000.

949 Pine Grove Road Lot 12
Travis A., Dorinda, and Stan Byerly to Katelyn and Patrick Savage for $480,000.

2629 State Route 22 Corrective Deed
George W. Steiner II to Trio Family LLC for $1.

569 Greble Road Lot 8
Donald W. and Elaine L. Gelnett to Chad M. and Amber N. Baker for $215,000.

929 Prescott Drive
Irvin O. and Ella M. Martin to Chad W. Weaver for $285,100.

164 Deer Drive
John H. and Suzanne M. Bates to Jennifer L. Fegley, Daniel Gingrich for $290,000.

6 Piergallini Lane
Patrick M. and Theresa J. Piergallini to Patrick M. and Theresa J. Piergallini for $1.

267 West Main Street
Gregory L. Sweigart, Ellen D. Eshleman to Gregory L. Sweigart, Ellen D. Eshleman for $1.

City of Lebanon

1109 North 8th Street
Tammy Heil to Michael D. Dowdrick for $1.

315 Park Avenue
Corey A. Roth, Jennifer R. Simmers to Jacqueline Vega for $151,000.

332 North Fifth Street
Gerald L. and Cynthia Heintzelman to Julio C. Fernandez for $70,000.

605 South Broad Street
Robert F. and Kay L. Demler to Heather M. Benninghoff for $149,000.

759 Locust Street
Christopher E. Blauch to Frank & Stein Construction LLC for $85,000.

521 Weidman Street
Daryl W. Hainor to Stonehedge Holdings LLC for $100,000.

815 East Mifflin Street
George A. Loeper Estate, Lawrence J. Loeper to Lawrence J. and Raymond E. Loeper for $1.

815 East Mifflin Street
Raymond E. and Lawrence J. Loeper to Lawrence J. and Lynda Loeper for $1.

612 South 13th Street Lot 19
Jay Carter to David L. and Clementina M. Rotunno for $301,000.

422 Cumberland Street
Lancaster Area Habitat For Humanity Inc., Lancaster Lebanon Habitat For Humanity to Jacques L. Ivery for $140,000.

424 North 7th Street
Stonehedge Holdings LLC to Hari Om Enterprises Inc. for $180,000.

362 North 13th Street
Camo Enterprises LLC to Keith T. Coyne for $45,000.

360 North 13th Street
Camo Enterprises LLC to Keith T. Coyne for $45,000.

607 Guilford Street
Stonehedge Holdings LLC to Stonehedge Holdings LLC for $1.

22 East Cumberland Street
Robert G. Keller to H & A Apartments LLC for $597,000.

616 Elm Street
Amy J. Canby to Manuel and Jayko Ricart for $87,000.

243 East Guilford Street
John L. and Kim Snyder to Thomas A. and Carol L. Bartal for $225,000.

321 North Fifth Street
Robert and Barbara A. Smith to Heller Management Investment LLC for $36,500.

333 South 2nd Avenue
Richard Leonard III to Tristan R. Martin, Kyra M. Horst for $190,000.

1034 Church Street
Dallas Noll to Terry D. Lewis for $75,000.

113 Canal Street
Diana L. Beaver to Douglas J. Beaver for $1.

1536 Washington Street
Kristopher D. Urban to Matthew C. and Jessica R. Hess for $175,000.

15 South 11th Street
City of Lebanon Land Bank, Lebanon County Redevelopment Authority to Youliana Yournet for $169,900.

524 South 13th Street
Mary D. Figueroa to Daniel E. Figueroa for $1.

1215 Willow Street
Luis X. T. Cosme to Christine Maxwell for $48,000.

563 East Cumberland Street
Carl L. Nye, Jr. to Hari Om Enterprises Inc. for $30,000.

705 Hill Street
Lori L. Keller to Emmalee OConnor for $175,000.

127 Guilford Street
Craig L. Griffith, Jr., Lily M. Griffith to Terrance P. Breidenstine for $62,500.

415 Steitz Street
Duane A. and Erin E. Johnson to Karl O. R. Colon, Xiomara M. Martinez for $210,000.

541 Cumberland Street
Ahmed K. A. and Mohamed A. Saleh to Ahmed K. A. Saleh, Amany Afify for $1.

622 Elm Street and 507 Bollman Street
Vincent Russo to Troy L. and Lacy M. Jones for $258,000.

236 South 1st Avenue
Hilda A. Fasnacht Estate, Barbara R. H. Cruz to Daniel Hess for $115,000.

201 C Elm Street Lot 1
Thomas R. and Lisa A. Strohm to Lucas E. Wampler, Shannon M. Gehman for $224,900.

Cleona Borough

202 South Mill Street
Wanda S. Fisher Estate, Wanda S. Fisher Auman Estate, Gregory H. Fisher to Joseph A. Auman Estate, Timothy A. Auman for $1.

204 West Walnut Street
Peritus Advisors LLC to Larry B. and Renee E. Reider for $1.

Cornwall Borough

1011 English Drive Unit 346 Alden Place
Judith K. Johnston to Jeffrey B. and Catherine R. Decker for $305,000.

1006 Brandywine Drive
Cornwall Associates LP to Marilyn Wolf for $460,780.

1022 Bradford Circle Unit 231
Neal M. Black to Brenda Schick for $299,000.

140 Ironmaster Road Lot 1
Jose L. Torres Estate, Terry Weaver to Christopher T. and Brittany A. Rohrer for $632,500.

386 Rexmont Road
Holly A. Pavlesich to Steven M. and Charity C. Pavlesich for $125,000.

388 Rexmont Road
Holly A. Pavlesich to Steven M. and Charity C. Pavlesich for $1.

1024 Riverstone Circle
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Frank D. Recknagel for $449,461.

315 Rexmont Road
Casey J. and Wendy S. Binner to Casey J. Binner for $1.

1026 English Drive
Clyde P. and Gail A. Peters to Frank G. Ceresini, Jr., Carolyn J. Ceresini for $315,000.

1003 Stanford Drive
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to John H. and Suzanne M. Bates for $319,400.

269 Rexmont Road
Joseph P. and Crystal L. Kimmel to Musser Rentals LLC for $32,500.

1015 Percy Lane Unit 204
Frances J. Tacosik to Stephan J. and Diana M. Bihoreau for $300,000.

50 Burd Coleman Road
Andrew J. and Richelle L. Arnold to Daniel J. and Faith A. Brandt for $530,000.

50 Burd Coleman Road
Daniel J. and Faith A. Brandt to Lion Secure Holdings LLC for $620,000.

East Hanover Township

17 Log Cabin Road
Amy A. Hahn to Chad M. Eckels, Mikaela S. Hahn for $300,000.

841 Ono Road Lot 5
Jodi L. White, Andrea R. Gibson to Dustin M. Stoner for $269,900.

640 Pine Road
Todd M. Shaffer to Meera D. Rai for $42,000.

557 Mill Road
Samuel L. and Violet M. Bohaczyk to Kevin T. Bohaczyk for $1.

72 Sherks Church Road Lot 8
Christopher J. Kernick, Angela L. Stewart to Rachael and Davinder Mann for $584,000.

837 Ono Road
Andrew S. and Amanda R. Blatt to Bradley and Rebecca Balmer for $215,000.

57 Harrison School Road
Glenda M. Fox Estate, Eric Fox, Traci Long to Mt. Zion School of Ministry for $350,000.

10114 Jonestown Road
Willis R. and Sherri L. Geesaman to SKAA Properties for $331,200.

47 Racehorse Drive Lot 1
James R. Brehm to Mark C. and Stephanie L. Brehm for $1.

Heidelberg Township

1443 Heidelberg Avenue
Smucker Holdings LLC to Eric Patches, Marissa Wonders for $182,500.

500 Oak Street
Jordan K. and Tonya Zimmerman to Trent A. Reiff for $220,000.

226 Millbach Road
Michael D. and Grace L. Martin to Grace L., Michael D., and Christian A. Martin for $1.

150 Horst Road
John L. Zook to Amos L. Zook for $400,000.

124 Distillery Road Lots 3 and 4
Janet M. Sherinski Estate, Carol A. LeVan to Marie B. Martin for $330,000.

3 Juliada Drive
Brandon S. and Roxanne E. Klopp to Nicholas J. J. Fay, Louisa J. K. Heck for $269,900.

Jackson Township

5 Colonial Avenue Lot 47
M. Phoebe and Douglas M. Johnson to Matthew and Karen Sanchez for $278,000.

461 East Lincoln Avenue
Dawn M. Hassler to Marlin G. and Martha M. Martin for $10,000.

508 North College Street
Dawn M. Hassler to Dawn M. Hassler for $1.

461 East Lincoln Avenue
Marlin G. and Martha M. Martin to Marlin G. and Martha M. Martin for $1.

30 Deep Run Road Lot 1
Samuel H. and Debra L. Eschleman to Henry E. and Esther L. King for $565,000.

606 East Lincoln Avenue
Philip and Patrice Schaeffer to Patrice, Philip, and Caleb G. Schaeffer for $1.

16 Grasshopper Court Lot 8
Jennifer L. Fegley to North Ninth Rentals LLC for $184,369.

402 Woleber Road
Elmer E. Gockley to Pablo O. J. A. Curbelo, Noel E. Gruber for $241,000.

26 South Jonathan Drive Lot 2
David R. Patrick to Anatoliy and Ludmila N. Grinev for $324,900.

73 Laurel Drive
Maurice A. Walker to Michael A. Nix for $129,017.

Millcreek Township

122 Treeline Drive Lot 174
William A. Wiedemann Estate, Felicia L. Wiedemann to Cynthia Rumsey for $285,000.

642 Stricklerstown Road
Harry F. and Barbara A. Dinger, Harry F. Dinger, Jr. to Terry L. Dinger for $1.

47 Memorial Boulevard
Travis Miller to Robert Lefko, Jr., Wendy L. Lefko for $210,000.

351 Cocalico Road
Earl M. Martin to Brandon Longstaff for $835,000.

Myerstown Borough

206 North College Street
Christopher E. Miller, Wendy D. Lorah to U S Bank Trust National Association for $5,917.

126 South Broad Street
Elias D. and Kendra Null to Michael B. and Tammy Moszcienski for $237,000.

3 East Stoever Avenue
Shawn and Shawn D. Risser to Shawn D. and Rosanne M. Risser for $1.

15 East Maple Avenue
Matthew E. Cusumano to David Weidman for $205,000.

240 East Main Avenue
Troy R. Herzer to Jared R. Saylor for $180,000.

115 South Cherry Street
Ethan R. Gregorzek to Cassie L. Verroca, Anna M. Gual for $160,000.

North Annville Township

321 Kauffman Road
Fern M. Yingst Estate, Tracy L. Yingst to Tracy L. Yingst for $1.

(UPI #25-2301118-379561-0000)
Dale E. Hostetter to Ronald M. and Brenda M. Wolfe for $1.

North Cornwall Township

550 Isabel Drive Lot 57
Linlo Properties XIV LLC to Hughs Irrevocable Trust for $5,450,000.

Meadow Lane Farms Lot 46
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to William J. Kasper III for $548,897.

SS Creek Run Lane Lot 7
Shane H. and Ellen R. Gingrich to Holland & Company LLC for $135,000.

1620 Center Street
Gregory S. Doll, Jr. to Yasiris S. Luna for $134,900.

North Lebanon Township

NS East Cumberland Street
Market Street South, Stephen F. Powers, David L. Hawthorne to Sunshine Village LLC for $1,950,000.

2008 Mallard Lane Lot 25
Sally D. Rizzo to Laura Jahn for $363,000.

1004 Kochenderfer Road
Randall E. and Terri L. Mease to Randall E. Mease for $1.

WS Sandhill Road Lot 4
Gary L. and Patricia A. Marks to Tyler D. and Lauren E. Fenner for $89,900.

155 Mountville Drive
Kenneth L. Kreider to Kenneth L. and Patricia A. Kreider for $1.

2553 Long Lane
Joseph M. Shaver to John G. and Janet F. Zimmerman for $120,000.

245 East Kercher Avenue
Cory L. Gracely Estate, Taylor L. Gracely to Jon P. Davies for $45,000.

285 Strack Drive Lots 6, 7, and Lot B
Lloyd D. Halteman, Cari L. and Taylor McNeal to Debra L. and Thomas H. Eschleman for $375,000.

935 Solar Drive
Edwin M. and Bobby J. Boyer to Jason and Vanessa Collins for $255,000.

2015 Mallard Lane
Frank G. Ceresini, Jr., Frank G. Ceresini, Carolyn J. Ceresini to Suzanne Ream for $385,000.

North Londonderry Township

1 Clark Road
Denise L. Fisher to Robin K. Armstrong, Denise L. Fisher for $1.

799 Pajabon Drive
John F. and Connie J. Clutcher to Asahel D. and Laura D. Church for $310,000.

1102 Cambridge Court
Gregory and Melissa M. Lenahan to Gregory Lenahan for $1.

906 Cambridge Court
Steven B. Lane to Michael S. Wagner, Elizabeth A. Dreibelbis for $210,000.

27 Villa Lane Lot 34
Ryan N. Nye to Erin E. and Andrew W. Corbett for $357,000.

128 Pickwick Circle
Christopher J. and Kathleen B. Adamsky to Netra P. and Lachhi M. Bhandari for $472,450.

1 Willow Lane Lot 142
Bruce B. and Amy S. Clutcher to Ethan J. and Brooke A. Sholly for $465,000.

Palmyra Borough

804 East Maple Street
Susan Churchill to David M. and Laurie A. Berry for $270,000.

128 South Center Avenue Lots 75 and 76
Frederick W. Seyfert, Sr. Estate, Michael L. Seyfert, Frederick W. Seyfert, Jr. to Gregory S. Doll, Jr., Amanda M. Doll for $235,000.

600 East Walnut Street Lot 242
Annn Investment LLC to Spencer C. and Kaelynn D. Judd for $290,000.

617 East Cypress Street Lot 360
Herbert L. and Beverly S. Steffy to Luanne Y. Steffy for $240,000.

400 East Maple Street
Chad L. and Stacy M. Hellenthal to Adam Kennedy for $429,900.

227 East Oak Street
Henry E. and Darleen M. Smith to Ryan L. and Zhanna L. Landis for $315,000.

Richland Borough

105 East Linden Street Lots 23, 24, 25, and 26
Jared L. Schwalm Estate, Susan L. Waxman, Julie A. Wolgemuth to Susan L. Waxman, Julie A. Wolgemuth for $1.

204 Leffler Drive Lot 15
Guy J. and Bobbie J. Shanfelder to David E. Sgrignoli, Bethany A. Hepner for $290,000.

812 East Linden Street
John W. Gettle to Joshua K. Zeiset for $231,000.

South Annville Township

417 Reigerts Lane
J7 Holdings LLC to J7 Holdings LLC for $1.

(UPI #29-2311693-363398-0000) Unit 77 Building 12
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Roarke and Ernest C. Miller, Jr. for $338,231.

805 Mount Wilson Road
Nancy C. and Richard Cosey to Ranga and Sumitra Humagain for $490,000.

57 Thornton Lane
Phyllis J. Thornton to Charles W. Moyer, Jr., Phyllis J. Moyer for $1.

South Lebanon Township

102 Stone Hedge Court
Brian R. and Michelle A. Zeigler to Daniel Page, Jessica Kuehn for $360,000.

199 Ashford Drive
Jamie L. and Dena L. Cascarino, Legacy Cash Offer LLC to Roshan and Tulashi R. Acharya for $805,000.

1918 Leslie Avenue
Michael L. and Lindsay D. Fulk to Steven L. Fulk for $160,000.

13 Palm Lane Lot 171
Victor A. and Patricia A. Roeske to Patricia A. Roeske for $1.

702 South Lincoln Avenue
Patricia J. Faiola to Jonathan Godinez for $180,000.

616 Smith Avenue
Joseph G. and Janet M. Kimmel to Joseph G. and Janet M. Kimmel for $1.

1514 King Street
Dennis M. Echternach, Jr. to Shate V. Santos for $165,000.

230 South 6th Avenue
Bradley B. Bucher to Monica Whitman for $155,000.

1008 South Lincoln Avenue
Richard Dissinger to Patrick T. Donley for $235,000.

441 Meadowview Drive
Frank P. and Teresa M. Repanshek to Christopher Numer for $450,100.

10 South 6th Avenue
Larry B. and Renee E. Reider to Maria I. G. Nunez for $156,000.

64 Clover Drive
Stanley E. and Joyce L. Doxtater to Rodney T. and Carmelina F. Yancey for $426,800.

403 East Evergreen Road
Robert L. and Roberta K. Smith to Ron and Ruth Marchant for $296,000.

731 South Lincoln Avenue Lots 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and Part of Lot 17, Etc.
K N G Lincoln Properties LLC to Wicare Home Care Agency LLC for $1,525,000.

28 Iona Road Lot 26
Donald C. and Marilyn S. Wilkison to Brian L. and Amy M. Boyd for $270,000.

South Londonderry Township

118 Gentry Court Lot 127
Richard C. Grostefon Estate, John P. Grostefon to John P. Grostefon for $1.

2924 Horseshoe Pike
Wanda G. Hower, Sherry K. Slaughter to Alexander C. Eby for $249,000.

165 Schoolhouse Road Lot 66
Rhoade Family Trust, Ronald F. and Beota Y. Rhoade to Beota Y. Rhoade for $1.

32 Kingston Drive Lot 17
Amanda B. Kane to John B. and Alaina C. Sauser for $330,500.

(UPI #31-2295706-347557-0000) Unit 236 Confirmatory Deed
John F. and Connie J. Clutcher to John F. and Connie J. Clutcher for $1.

115 Springbrook Drive
Mary A. L. Sgrignioli to Mary A. L. and Joseph M. Sgrignioli for $1.

Swatara Township

215 Swatara Circle
Sherie L. Doster to Robin W. J. Santos, Rebeca Jimenez for $252,000.

34 Wildflower Circle
Jeffrey P. and Meredith Engebretson to Kevin Martinez for $379,900.

13 Lighthouse Drive Lot 50
Chip D. Koons to Glanzair Properties LLC for $118,805.

W of Quarry Road
Frederick L. Wright IV, Jacqueline R. Wright to Jillian Puorro for $105,000.

19 Darkes Road
Mary J. Laughlin to Nathan D. Rhoads for $250,000.

Union Township

11 Plymouth Drive Lot 47
Donald A. and Sharon J. Davis to Kristin A. Hoffer, Kara A. Lauver for $1.

15 Moechlin Lane
Joseph H. Raimo to Amos L. Zook for $225,000.

30 Fort Swatara Road
Richard M. Nye to Richard M. Nye for $1.

West Cornwall Township

501 State Route 117
Edward J. Daniels, William B. Dingeldein to MG Mercantile LLC for $300,000.

701 2nd Street
Harold M. and Barbara F. Myers to Anne N. and Thomas C. Stover for $490,000.

305 7th Street Lots 31 and 33
Bradley S. Charles, Barbara J. Reiner to Dayna Acevedo for $295,000.

SS West Main Street Lot 8
Marie K. Mumma to 419 Point Partners LLC for $1.

107 6th Street Lot 19
John W. and Patricia A. Brosious to Robert G. Finkenaur III, Rebecca F. Finkenaur for $220,000.

209 4th Street
Janice C. Dunlevy Estate, Jan Longenecker, Jill Brewsater to Dermot J. Somers for $325,000.

413 Lori Ann Court Lot 21
Meghan E. Maclean to William A. Maclean III for $1.

WS Pinch Road
Murry Development Corporation to Natural Lands Trust Incorporated for $1,345,000.

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