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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

129 Woodside Court Lot 29
Janet Marie Bonser Estate, Janet M. Bonser Estate, Janet M. Daugherty Estate, Richard R. Bonser to Richard R. Bonser for $1.

46 Union Crest Drive
Susan M. Wescott to John and April Seasock for $392,000.

Bethel Township

2915 South Pine Grove Street
Kelly M. and Kevin R. Bower to William and Debra Bering for $258,000.

N Of Mountain Drive
Vera L. Gross to Marlin D. Musselman for $26,000.

441 Chestnut Hill Road
Sharon M. Messimer, Dewey L. Dove to Sharon M. Uber for $1.

111 West Main Street
Evette Hernandez to Douglas A. Etter for $235,000.

300 Mountain Drive
Adam and Jaime L. Strickler to Jayson and Kelli J. Felty for $350,000.

995 Greble Road
John M. and Rebecca L. Fisher to John M. and Rebecca L. Fisher for $1.

101 East Main Street
Michael A. and Jamie L. Saphore to Eagle Hotel Real Estate LLC for $600,000.

7 Herr Lane
Jerald M. and Debra L. Lauver to David S. and Michelle M. Zimmerman for $450,000.

City of Lebanon

436 East Guilford Street
David W. and Karen A. Meyer to Sage R. Bartal for $127,000.

(UPI #05-2338687-372702-0000) Lot Addition D
Dennis C. McGale Estate, Dennis C. Mc Gale Estate, Jennifer D. Smythe to Angela R. Cosme for $2,500.

1135 Brandywine Street
William and Luz E. Rodriguez to Allis C. Rodriguez for $1.

128 South 7th Street Tax Claim Bureau Deed
Kathleen Raphael to Leventry Real Estate LLC for $20,000.

52 North 12th Street Tax Claim Bureau
Juan Gonzalez to Hasaun Grigger for $27,000.

373 North 8th Street Tax Claim Bureau
George P. Sholly to Darwin J. D. Peralta, Darwin J. P. Deleon for $19,000.

614 North 10th Street Tax Claim Bureau
Mary and Landis R. Kleinfelter to Hasaun Grigger for $39,000.

109 East Pershing Avenue Lot 626
Diane J. Stuckey to Cameron T. Martin for $208,000.

930 Cumberland Street
Garman Properties LLC to Lapp Realty 1 LLC for $435,000.

339 North 5th Street
Ethel W. Lippert Estate, Kene L. Lippert to Stonehedge Holdings LLC for $40,000.

536 Weidman Street
Ethel W. Lippert Estate, Kene L. Lippert to Stonehedge Holdings LLC for $50,000.

705 South 7th Street
DNB Investments LLC to Karl M. Showers III for $207,000.

206 Cumberland Street
Thomas S. and Sarah E. Dunlap to Alan E. and Lori A. Celmer for $55,000.

131 South Cherry Street
Stonehedge Holdings LLC to Judah Clapper for $75,000.

1112 Lehman Street
Kim R. Leonard, Michael A. Noggle to Ashiqul Islam, Ahsan Habib for $159,000.

1564 Chestnut Street
Maritza R. Ramos to Ezequiel R. Cosme for $210,000.

367 North Liberty Street
Gardell W. and Emily J. Weaver to Kevin H. High for $71,000.

380 North 8th Street
Gardell W. and Emily J. Weaver to Kevin H. High for $182,000.

701 East Cumberland Street Etc.
Kevin T. Albert Sr. to Kevin T. Albert Sr. for $1.

334 East Locust Street
Marian F. Brommer Estate, Marian Brommer Estate, Kathleen Wenrich, Walter B. Gress IV to Austin W. and Colette K. Weidman for $243,000.

1133 Chestnut Street
Hector Ynfante to Karim Agha for $169,000.

535 North 9th Street
Richard A. Bleistine Sr. Estate, Raymond W. Bleistine to TVZ Properties LLC for $75,000.

702 Locust Street
Joseph A. Sforza Estate, Jessica A. Sforza to Jessica A. Sforza for $1.

1131 Brandywine Street
Donald C. and Marsha A. Graby to Lenny S. Marte for $120,000.

117 Guilford Street
Robert L. and Linda E. Meyer to Built on the Rock Properties LLC for $112,000.

541-543 Weidman Street
B C M C Properties LLC to Alexander Clinton for $260,000.

424 East Cumberland Street
Ruth Ann Boltz Estate, Ruth Ann Hoffman Estate, Daryl L. Boltz to Mervin W. Weaver for $87,000.

321 Federal Street
Scott A. Moyer to Dale G. and Evelia C. Weaber for $45,000.

440 South Broad Street Lot A
Gerald Hedenberg Estate, Gustaf Gerald Hedenberg Estate, Kathy L. Schnee to Nicolas D. Seiple, Cheyann K. Minnich for $168,000.

21 East Weidman Street
Michael R. and Andrea J. Pfautz to Hoffert Partnership for $138,500.

19 South 2nd Street
Zook Rentals LLC to VJW Enterprises LLC for $185,000.

417 North 11th Street
Dorothy R. Hartman to Eli E. Blank for $70,000.

823 South 6th Street
Lillian E. Freguson to Hari Om Enterprises Inc. for $62,500.

823 Bollman Street
Lillian E. Freguson to Hari Om Enterprises Inc. for $1.

Cleona Borough

202 South Mill Street
Joseph A. Auman Estate, Timothy A. Auman to Timothy P. Miller, Amy L. Albert for $170,000.

241 East Walnut Street Lot 5
Richard H. Nicholas Jr. to Ashlee C. Nicholas for $175,000.

240 East Chestnut Street
Marshall D. Miller Estate, Tanya L. Wells to Tanya L. and Jeremy C. Wells for $1.

Cornwall Borough

1021 Northgate Drive Unit 41
Gregory S. and Carol L. Kalata to Julia Lurz for $490,000.

1031 Villa Drive
Donald W. and Norma Thiel to Soon H. Oh for $245,000.

1025 Stanford Drive Unit 86
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Anthony D. and Christine D. Mahon for $426,396.

East Hanover Township

55 Race Horse Drive
Price Jeffries Co. Inc., C. Everett Inc., Everett C. Inc. to Charles D. and Crystal S. Fager for $8,000.

21 Blacksmith Lane
Brian R. and Scott A. Miller to Streamline Properties LLC for $900,000.

4 Blacksmith Lane
Brian R. and Scott A. Miller to Scott A. and Susan E. Miller for $1.

4 Blacksmith Lane
Scott A. and Susan E. Miller to Susan E. and Scott A. Miller for $1.

Heidelberg Township

1927 Heidelberg Avenue
Frederick N. Dulabohn Estate, Virginia L. Dulabohn to Virginia L. Dulabohn for $1.

12-A Juliada Drive
Mitchell P. Davis, Marjory R. Kauffman to Brett R. Outman for $372,500.

2501 South 5th Avenue Lot 1 Block 1
Margaret A. Miller to Nathan G. and Juanita D. Wine, Aaron H. and Sarah A. Stoner for $261,000.

Jackson Township

15 Springhouse Drive Lot 149
Kenneth W. Jones to Linda A. Moore for $230,000.

780 Kutztown Road
Leon F. and Esther L. Kauffman to Leon Kauffman Revocable Trust, Esther Kauffman Revocable Trust, Leon F. and Esther L. Kauffman for $1.

27 Springhouse Drive
Donald E. Gunden Estate, Douglas E. Gunden to Lynne Y. Abrams, Louise M. Weiner for $235,000.

20 Apple Creek Lane
Leroy H. Bressler Jr., Jill I. Bressler to Jill I. Bressler for $1.

710 Stracks Dam Road
Sadie M. Smoker to Sadie M. Smoker Revocable Living Trust, Sadie M. Smoker for $1.

5 Scenic Drive Lot 255 Block D
Stewart J. Isman to Stewart J. and Deborah H. Isman for $1.

101 West Colonial Avenue
Bradley B. Ream to Bradley B. and Jennifer A. Ream for $1.

1330 Hilltop Road
George R. Shott Estate, Sharita S. Kreider to Jerald and Debra L. Lauver for $400,000.

Jonestown Borough

144 East Market Street
Carole A. Kneasel Estate, Shane M. Kneasel, Joe L. Kneasel Jr. to Dale A. and Beverly A. Kramer for $250,000.

27 Hill Street
Mary Jane Rhen Estate, Michael C. Rhen to Renee Lookenbill for $234,900.

160 Twin Creeks Drive Lot S-54
Jayson S. and Kelli J. Felty to Marissa E. Aulenbach, Robert T. Caccese for $295,000.

110 North King Street
Alfred E. and Shirley A. Fortna to Andrew and Rosa C. Hall, Rosa Chicashall for $380,000.

Millcreek Township

28 North Sheridan Road Lot 1
Stephan R. Moser Estate, Bryan Kellenberger to Palak Maniani LLC II for $120,000.

264 West Texter Mission Road
Todd J. and Annmarie Pietrobono, Dianne K. Ostrich to Christopher R. and Julianna A. Link, Todd J. and Annmarie Pietrobono for $390,000.

42 North Sheridan Road
Mary L. Wentzel Estate, Mary Lou Wentzel Estate, Julie A. Huber to Breezy Properties LLC for $125,000.

202 Memorial Boulevard
Charles W. Mc Crone, Charles W. McCrone to Michelle L. Musumeci for $185,000.

100 West Main Street
Noemi Sosa to Darren A. Martin for $100,000.

8 Meadow Drive
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk to Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk for $1.

235 West Main Street
Jordan M. and Sirena D. Bishop to Eric Z. Hirst for $128,000.

33 Memorial Boulevard Lot 11
Caleb L. Christine to Merlin R. and Crystal R. Brubacker for $175,000.

Myerstown Borough

151 West Main Avenue
Gerald E., Karen E., Brenda J., and Kevin E. Bickel to Reputable Streamline Properties LLC for $96,000.

North Annville Township

2767 Cedar Run Road
Maurice E. Hiller Jr., Denise A. Hiller to Maurice E. Hiller Jr., Denise A. Hiller for $1.

430 Kauffman Road
Lesa M. Kaiser to Idalys Villafane for $305,000.

North Cornwall Township

213 Stuart Street
John M. and Jennifer A. Bower to Brandyn and Crystal M. Keller for $430,000.

(UPI #26-2340793-358246-0000)
Springwood Development Partners LP to North Cornwall Commons Apartments South LLC for $1,500,000.

2100 Cumberland Street
Ari Properties LLC to Lebanon Investors LLC for $10.

877 Wilhelm Avenue
Danielle H. Noll, Justin D. and Danielle Culp to Justin D. Culp for $1.

139 Millview Court
Bradley J. and Bradley James Rutter to Bradley J. Rutter, Mercedes Castillo for $139,139.

1406 Cornwall Road
David W. and Pamela S. Krick to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Commonwealth of PA Dept. of Transportation for $1.

1409 Cornwall Road
George P. Conn to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

445 Millbridge Drive
J. Elaine Benson Estate, Jewel Elaine Benson Estate, Elaine Benson Estate, Stacy L. Benson to Melissa J. and Daryl Dissinger for $390,000.

1828 Carlton Drive
Valerie M. Chabitnoy to William C. Bray Jr., Michele M. Schmidt for $150,000.

North Lebanon Township

1122 East Lehman Street
Whitaker Property Group LLC to Marta Y. Llorens for $187,500.

1545 Weaver Lane Tax Claim Bureau
Eva M. Hemmer to CJD Group LLC for $40,000.

1411 North 8th Street
Robert B. and Jodi L. Hoch to 1411 North Eighth Street LLC for $170,000.

941 Mount Zion Road
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Crossings at Sweetbriar Homeowners Association for $1.

1377 Sholly Avenue
Henry J. Arnold Jr. Estate, Sandra A. Podjed to George and Dianne M. Little for $225,000.

550 East Kercher Avenue
Delmer Stoltzfus to Sheldon R. and Megan R. Waldner for $330,000.

1607 North 7th Street
Nadine V. Lyons to Stephen W. and Karen M. Springborn for $1.

1037 Kathleen Street
Cheryl M. French to Kevin M. and Stephanie A. French for $1.

115 Ginger Court Unit 186
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Daniel F. and Lucille L. Barnhart for $434,000.

42 East Brookfield Drive
Robert N. and Marissa Kovach to Angela M. and Ismael Cruz for $340,000.

301 Ebenezer Road
Nicholas F. Basehore, Katherine M. Tonkin to Amanda M. Shipman for $213,000.

247 Daisy Drive
Mt. Pleasant Ventures LLC to Daniel A. and Dorian J. Leiss for $85,000.

628 Elizabeth Street
Derek M. Church, Desiree A. Dieter to Derek M. Church for $1.

1107 Jay Street
Darren N. and Dawn F. Raymer to Yefry Diaz for $220,000.

820 Patmar Drive
Ricky D. Hicks Estate, Michelle L. Duffy to Tracy L. Troup for $1.

North Londonderry Township

607 Cambridge Court
Roger A. and Anna B. Carpenter, Roger Carpenter Jr. to S & S ABNB LLC for $263,000.

27 Pembrooke Lane Lot 89
Lori Swingholm, Forrest E. Pennington to Lori Swingholm for $1.

1352 Cambridge Court
Sarah James to Donald L. Emerich Living Trust, Donald L. Emerich for $199,900.

216 Pinnacle Ridge Drive
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Charles F. and Theresa M. Makarsky for $136,200.

309 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Unit 133
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to Michael C. and Lucinda D. Klahr for $132,800.

201 Pinnacle Ridge Drive Unit 139
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle LLC to David and Linda Smith for $132,600.

37 Oxford Road Lot 162
Timothy and Danielle Pallozzi to Gregory and Amanda Mikus for $575,000.

18 Lynnwood Drive
Aaron B. and Amanda K. Burkholder, Amanda K. Cunningham to Michael G. Fuhrman, Rachel Perla for $245,000.

619 Cambridge Court Lot 83
Abby B. Anderson to Nathan Davis, Jenna Dubin for $225,000.

ES South Bowman Avenue Lots 684 and 685
Trinity United Church of Christ, Trinity Reformed Church of Palmyra, Church Trinity United Church of Christ, Church Reformed Church of Palmyra to Shuan R. and Jody L. Bentz for $95,000.

Palmyra Borough

211 East Oak Street
Justin M. and Melanie A. Roberts to Daryl Reiff for $145,000.

121 South Harrison Street Tax Claim Bureau
J. Michael Fisher to BSRE Holding LLC for $82,500.

511 East Maple Street
Stanley R. Disney Estate, Nancy A. Disney to Phillip J. Civello Jr., Merry A. Civello for $225,000.

83 West Pine Street
Sandra K. Wagner Estate, Michael L. Rexrode to Michael Pellito, Maria Zacchino for $293,180.

979 East Maple Street
Legacy Cash Offer LLC to Erika R. Drye for $200,000.

South Annville Township

340 Fieldstone Drive Lot 3
Philip J. Masi to Tulshi and Tila Adhikari for $460,000.

430 Reigerts Lane
Raymond Curanzy Living Trust, Michelle Curanzy Living Trust, Raymond R. Curanzy Jr., Michelle K. Curanzy, Raymond R. Curanzy Jr. Living Trust, Michelle K. Curanzy Living Trust to Garman Builders at Wynfield LLC for $575,000.

South Lebanon Township

S Of Obie Road
Anne B. Stevens Trust, Rebecca W. Blouch Estate, Marianne B. and Anne B. Stevens to John E. and Joyce C. Blouch for $1.

520 Fox Ridge Lane
Theodore W. Berry, Anmargret Mitchell to Brock Showalter, Kara M. Haldeman for $250,000.

369 Acorn Circle
Jeff Mc Connell, Jeff McConnell to Yossef Idir, Samira Hbabat for $212,000.

633 Henry Houck Lane
Jesus A. Tenorio, Samantha L. Avila to Jonny and Teresa Velazquez for $250,000.

31 Folmer Street
Richard G. Moyer Jr. Estate, Richard Gene Moyer Jr. Estate, Joshua M., Cody, and Jacy Moyer to Joshua M. and Cody Moyer for $1.

100 Herr Street
General Allied Construction LLC to Moises Gonzalez for $1.

726 Hockley Avenue
Michael L. and Lois A. Ristenbatt to Dane Miller, Emily P. Witmer for $225,000.

630 Richfield Drive Lot 13
Charles E., Brenda N., and Blanche N. Hummel to Susan E. Herr for $325,000.

505 East High Street
Brian M. and Katrina C. Myers, Katrina C. Lehr to Matthew T. Monahan, Holli L. Schoch for $250,900.

20 Strathford Drive
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Logan and Kura Farr for $628,990.

417 East Evergreen Road
Robert B. and Edith L. Bollinger to Robert B. Bollinger for $1.

633 Rockledge Drive
Kevin R. and Dawn L. Balsbaugh to Joseph A. and Sarah E. Giangiobbe for $390,000.

SS Larkspur Lane Lot 35
302 Investment Group LLC to Brady T. and Jennifer A. Galbraith for $430,582.

(UPI #30-2342257-358551-0000) Lot 4
Strathford Meadows LLC, Garman Builders at Lebanon to Seth E. and Amanda J. Miller for $482,262.

South Londonderry Township

1289 Mount Wilson Road
Douglas G. Brandt to Zachery T. Moyer, Morgan D. Herr for $370,000.

1040 Debra Drive Lot 20
Integrity First Home Buyers LLC to Awakened Properties LLC for $200,500.

101 Landings Drive
H R Weaver Developers LP, HR Weaver Developers LP, Weaver HR Developers LP, Weaver H R Developers LP to Palmyra Ice Arena LLC for $8,250,000.

118 Windermere Drive Unit 32
David W. and Susan Gumpher to Thomas and Sherry Schwalm for $339,900.

118 Timber Road
Clifford F. Batz Estate, Clifford Batz Estate, Michelle D. Batz to Michelle D. Batz for $1.

Swatara Township

135 Greble Road
Jacqueline C. Brown to Amber N. Heffner for $1.

ES State Route 72 Tax Claim Bureau
Tina P. Koehn to I360 Realty.Com LLC, I360 Realty Com LLC for $2,787.

2376 Quarry Road
Ernestine M. Fahler Estate, Eric G. and Kevin R. Fahler to Charles Brown for $99,000.

95 Little Mountain Road
Lena J. Grodensky to Anthony R. Alvarez for $123,868.

2178 State Route 72
John T. Snavely Jr. to Jonathan R. Ritchie for $1.

192 Greble Road
Abigail Loye, Eugene Kudlanov to Hannah Appel for $185,000.

West Cornwall Township

(UPI #34-2325963-336154-0000) Lot 32, 33, 38, and 29
Ann M. and Ann B. Bering, Joseph P. Bering Jr. to Joseph P. Bering Jr. Dynasty Real Estate Protector Trust, Ann B. Bering Dynasty Real Estate Protector Trust, Joseph P. Bering Jr., Ann B. Bering for $1.

West Lebanon Township

2015 Church Street
Henry V. D. V. D. L. Cruz, Henry V. D. L. C. D. Villar to Alejando R. Moya, Teresa S. D. Sena for $190,000.

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