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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

66 North Saylor Street
Legacy Cash Offer LLC to Kevin C. and Kimberley D. Thomas for $230,000.

Bethel Township

139 North Center Street
Tammy Cassel Carni Estate, Tammy L. Cassel Carni Estate, Tammy L. Cassel Estate, Curtis W. Cassel to Patricia D. Zeigler for $42,000.

2336 South Pine Grove Street
Joseph C. Fehling Estate, Joseph Fehling Estate, Ann H. Guindine to Melvin B. and Betty L. Witmer for $306,000.

123 Melanie Drive Lot 10
Arlene C. G. Dundore, Pamela A. Miller to Pamela A. Miller for $11,500.

City of Lebanon

538 Chapel Street and 626 Canal Street and 500 Poplar Street
Kevin M. French to Kevin M. and Stephanie A. French for $1.

1410 Lehman Street
American Legion Home Association, American Legion Home Association Post 158 to American Legion Post 158 for $1.

41 Cumberland Street
Jon D. and Kathy S. Ream to Torres Repair LLC for $450,000.

521 Weidman Street
Stonehedge Holdings LLC to Jessica R. Day for $175,000.

1102 Willow Street
Yan Y. Chen to Matthew J. McConnell, Matthew J. Mc Connell, Keegan C. Skinner for $129,000.

5 East Maple Street
Latshaw Living Trust, Dale L. and Kimberly S. Latshaw to Latshaw Dale Crut, Latshaw Kimberly Crut, Dale L. and Kimberly S. Latshaw for $1.

1135 Chestnut Street
Amrod Properties LLC to Latshaw Dale Crut, Latshaw Kimberly Crut, Dale L. and Kimberly S. Latshaw for $1.

606 North Ninth Street
Agnes J. Buckmoyer to Agnes J. and Lisa A. Buckmoyer, Kathryn M. Greeninger for $1.

555 East Cumberland Street Lot 5
Kevin T. Albert Sr. to Manuel Ricart, Jayko R. Abreu for $52,000.

211 Chestnut Street
Samerica LLC to Jason C. Williams, Amanda L. Reitmeyer for $182,900.

371 North 9th Street
Debra Ditzler to David A. Miller for $1.

616 Canal Street
Benito H. M. Reyes, Gabriela F. F. Peralta, Gabriela F. Peralta to Benito H. M. Reyes, Gabriela F. Peralta for $1.

305 Mifflin Street
I360Realty.Com LLC, I360Realty Com LLC to Michaela S. Duez, Joshua P. Aycock for $150,000.

28 East Locust Street
Mervin F. Boyer III Estate, Mervin F. Boyer Estate, Merv Boyer Estate, Michelle E. Boyer to Gregory and Kathy Drahovsky for $78,000.

383 North Patridge Street
Select Home Buyers LLC to 716 Walnut St LLC for $46,000.

31 Tiffany Lane
Felix R. Ramos to Nilda A. Franco for $70,000.

435 North 8th Street
Ginelle L. Nunemaker to Sandie L. Kenyon for $190,000.

505 North 8th Street
Scott D. Koons to Aaron H. Donnachie for $140,000.

535 South 7th Street
Edgar Collazo to Edgar and Andrea Collazo for $1.

1102 Willow Street
Matthew J. McConnell, Matthew J. Mc Connell, Keegan C. Skinner to Onyx Investments I LLC for $1.

576 Reinoehl Street
Warren Keith to Brandyn Overdier for $239,900.

812 East Lehman Street
Robert K. and Eleanor Clay, Cynthia H. Turasky to Jason R. and Clemencia M. Reyes for $159,000.

1509 Washington Street
Jose A. S. Valentin, Jose L. S. Gonzalez to Jose L. S. Gonzalez, Emily Santiago for $80,000.

711-713-715 And 717 North 8th Street
Cameron J. Deter to Orlando D. Rosado for $25,000.

501 East Lehman Street Lot 193
Dennis J. and Judith A. Perini to Aaron H. Donnachie for $230,000.

316 Old 9th Street
Amos L. and Mary Lantz Jr. to Luis A. Diaz for $175,000.

1094 Willow Street
Amos L. Zook to Matthew E. Stoltzfus for $240,000.

224 South 5th Street
Richard L. and Melanie S. Rolon to Heather M. and Joshua A. Johnson for $165,000.

Cornwall Borough

1008 Brandywine Drive Unit 58
Cornwall Associates, Alden Homes At Cornwall Inc. to Donald E. and Hazel E. Landis for $557,356.

160 Forge Drive
Landmark Homes At Junction LLC to Tinae C. Gieniec, Gregory P. T. Bowman for $144,500.

1021 Stanford Drive
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes At Cornwall Inc. to Gladys C. Bennett for $470,032.

370 Granite Street Lot 2
Ethan Weidle, Heidi Kerkenslager to David W. and Deborah L. Kauffman for $229,000.

133 Hillside Street Lot 229
Ronald D. Snoberger to Mark S. Snoberger for $1.

161 Forge Drive Lot 25
Landmark Homes At Junction LLC to Khagendra Dahal, Teela Kafle for $590,095.

Heidelberg Township

208 Albright Road
Mary L. Demler to Paul Schnettler for $100,000.

410 Sheep Hill Road Lot 1
Norene H. Martin, Marlin M. Zimmerman to Norene H. M. and Marlin M. Zimmerman for $1.

1927 Heidelberg Avenue
Virginia L. Dulabohn to Dulabohn Family Irrevocable Trust, Virginia L. Dulabohn, Kim L. Voithofer for $1.

Jackson Township

406 East Rosebud Road Lot 4 and Lot 5
Mark R. Blouch, Taylor A. Moyer to Robert L. and Kelly S. Blouch Jr. for $1.

30 Grasshopper Court Lot 15
Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust I, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Glenn D. Miller for $151,000.

8 Cricket Lane Lot 147
John E. and Phyllis J. H. Flesher to David A. and Migdalia Torres for $329,100.

5 Scenic Drive Lot 255
Stewart J. and Deborah H. Isman to Stewart J. and Deborah A. Isman for $1.

106 Country Lane Lot 31
Christopher A. and Vanessa M. Henson to Derek Ream for $445,000.

40 Jackson Road Lot 2
Cory and Kristen Smaltz to Curvin M. and Ruth A. Weaver for $500,000.

Jonestown Borough

364 Swatara Creek Drive
Charles D. and Ashley Fager Jr. to Nathan Hauser for $195,000.

169 North Fisher Street Lot 96
Cynthia D. Miller to Joshua B. and Jerod R. Miller for $1.

Millcreek Township

10 Meadow Drive
Randy K. and Jennifer L. Shirk to Neal and Emily Kerschner for $295,000.

113 East Main Street
Stephen G. Zimmerman to Marco A. T. and Ruth Hernandez for $140,000.

W Of Cocalico Road
Terry L. and Marc A. Bashore to Sean M. Griffith for $300,000.

Myerstown Borough

5 East Center Avenue
Sarah and Levi K. Smoker to Derek Witmer for $149,000.

205 West Carpenter Avenue
Bryce Miller, Kristie Wolfe to Kyler R. Zimmerman for $206,000.

North Annville Township

824 Laurel Grove Road
Sharon Steckbeck to Sharon Steckbeck for $1.

North Cornwall Township

819 Wheatfield Lane Lot 53
Robert L. and Marianne H. Kopp to Chad L. and Jocelyn M. Nolen for $450,000.

1900 Walnut Street Lots 758 and 759
James A. Carter Jr. to U S Bank Trust National Association for $4,510.

2165 Walnut Street
Larry Speller to Freedom Mortgage Corporation for $4,022.

465 Royal Road
Christopher A. and Deborah J. Fullmer to Christopher A. and Deborah J. Fullmer for $1.

541 West Locust Street
Brandyn J. and Crystal M. Keller to Amy Kaehler, Devon S. Heckard for $228,000.

45 Walden Road Lot 67
Jordan R. and Jamie R. Ebersole to Joshua J. and Amanda N. Ober for $620,000.

2086 Acorn Drive
Kenneth D. Gardopee to Kathy A. Taunton for $190,000.

North Lebanon Township

ES Mount Zion Road Corrective Deed
Seyfert Orchards Inc. to Little Stream Acres for $1.

2175 Cloverfield Drive Lot 40
Sara E. and Phillip S. Blaisdell to PNC Bank for $4,990.

3317 Hillside Drive
Carol W. Strohm to Blake M. May, Hannah M. Zimmerman for $180,000.

807 Kimmerlings Road
Travis J. Starner to Travis J. and Sherri A. Starner for $1.

2499 West Cumberland Street Lot A
Hanford Family Limited Partnership to Hanford Family Limited Partnership for $1.

130 North 25th Street
Hanford Family Limited Partnership to Hanford Family Limited Partnership for $1.

2247 West Cumberland Street
Hanford Family Limited Partnership to Hanford Family Limited Partnership for $1.

130 North 25th Street
Hanford Family Limited Partnership to Hanford Family Limited Partnership for $1.

2499 West Cumberland Street
Hanford Family Limited Partnership to Hanford Family Limited Partnership for $1.

2401 East Cumberland Street
Richard L. Shenk Family Trust, Richard L. Shenk to Douglas M. Shenk for $1.

929 Oak Lane
Susan M. Yorty to Kelly Glant for $180,000.

North Londonderry Township

420 Pinnacle Ridge Drive
Landmark Homes At The Pinnacle LLC to Howard Horst, Debra Kauffman for $142,900.

327 Hemlock Street
Top Notch Homes LLC to Kimsreng Ieng, Sela Long for $295,000.

218 Grand Summit Drive
Landmark Homes At The Pinnacle LLC to Diane K. Beck for $139,500.

1304 Cambridge Court
Russell E., William B., and Kathy A. Lingle, Mary A. Kelly to Steven C. and Mary E. Keefer for $201,304.

120 Spruce Court Building 6 Unit 2
Matthew W. Ollis to Jason Shellenberger for $235,000.

856 Victoria Lane Lot 18
David L. and Patti J. Hibshman to Glenn D. and Melanie J. Chandler for $385,000.

Palmyra Borough

122 South Harrison Street
Steven A. Viozzi to Tory K. Eberly for $85,000.

512 North Railroad Street
Legacy Cash Offer LLC to Erik J. M. Canseco for $174,500.

256 North Railroad Street
Ozzie and Stephanie Torres to Benjamin S. and Samuel R. Moyer for $291,000.

335 North Locust Street
Irvin H. and Cory L. Meyers to Cory L. Meyers for $1.

725 West Oak Street Lot 36
Lori A. Nye to John F. Busher for $260,000.

225 South Railroad Street
Deborah J. and Christopher A. Fullmer to Deborah J. and Christopher A. Fullmer for $1.

121 South Harrison Street Confirmatory Deed
J. Michael Fisher to BSRE Holdings LLC for $1.

ES North Railroad Street Lot 4
Leonard J. Chimel to Leonard J. Chimel Charitable Remainder Unitrust, Bryn Mawr Trust Company for $1.

South Annville Township

301 Fieldstone Drive Lot 8
Kevin P. and Jessica K. Raynes to Jessica Kolovani for $1.

836 Old Mount Gretna Road Lot 3
Donald R. Auker to Angela and Donald R. Auker for $1.

14 Blue Jay Way Unit 91
Joshua and Amanda Ober to Nathan A. and Maria Bevans for $500,000.

27 Finch Drive Unit 29
Nathan and Maria Bevans to Steven M. and Kaley M. Oakley for $385,000.

South Lebanon Township

SS Elm Street
Robert D. Gardner to Sharon A. E. and Tyrone D. Harley for $34,900.

1707 South 5th Avenue
Dean A. and Beth A. Readler to Norman B. and Linda S. Miron for $335,500.

1830 South Fifth Avenue
Joanna I Dehart Estate, Jay R. Dehart to DNB Investments LLC for $176,000.

614 Smith Avenue
Lois Mae Eisenhower Estate, Lois M. Eisenhower Estate, Brett T. Eisenhower to Brett T. Eisenhower for $1.

160 Wheatstone Lane Lot 95 of Phase 2 on Fox Ridge Plan
Jaclyn M. Amey to Nathan W. Siegrist for $233,000.

1008 South 2nd Avenue Part of Lot 135
David L. Moyer to Scott D. and Cheri A. Koons for $224,000.

South Londonderry Township

206 Timber Road
Jeffrey W. Brian to Curt E. and Molly Stager for $315,000.

195 Harvest Mill Lane
Nicholas R. Peightal to Emma Snesavage for $265,000.

112 Timber Road Lot 54A
Todd I. and Leanne G. Johnson to Johnson Gregovich Family Trust, Todd I. and Leanne G. Johnson for $1.

186 Palmyra Road
Jo Ann S. Stump Estate, Joann M. Stump Estate, Jo Ann Stump Estate, Joann S. Stump Estate, Gregory Ladas to John J. Miller for $190,000.

197 Lawn Road Lot 2
Josue A. and Sharon M. Meson to Ahmad R. and Dominique Parniani for $690,000.

Swatara Township

2350 Quarry Road
Elizabeth A. Smith to Adam J. Harmon for $10,000.

2376 Quarry Road
Charles L. Brown to Bret A. Dellinger, Danielle M. Werkmeister for $136,000.

1784 Quarry Road Prior Known As 1820 Quarry Road
Ella Fetterhoff Estate, Guardian Services Of PA to Alexandra Vasta for $129,000.

Union Township

261 Awol Road Lot A
Kenneth R. and Linda M. Smitley to Tech Rentals LLC for $320,000.

SS Monroe Valley Drive
Michael Divittore to Kyle A. Boltz for $20,000.

32 Moonshine Road
Scott A. and Wendy L. Wolfe to Scott A. Wolfe for $1.

32 Moonshine Road
Scott A. Wolfe to Debra L. and Scott A. Wolfe for $1.

53 Colonial Drive
James C. Wenger to Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation, Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation for $1.

West Cornwall Township

ES Locust Lane Lot 1 of 18 Locust Lane
Shirley A. Karinch, Denise D. Bollard to Gardell W. and Emily J. Weaver for $225,000.

25 South Lebanon Street Lot 3
Eric M. Sidauga, Michelle H. Hain to Bethany J. Buckwalter for $164,900.

18 Locust Lane Corrective Deed
Shirley A. and Joseph A. Karinch, Denise D. Bollard to Sarah C. and Kyle J. Tice for $319,000.

West Lebanon Township

2236 Lehman Street
Jacquelyn J. Gross to Kathryn L. Schools for $1.

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