In a video shared by Lebanon Valley College last week, viewers are taken behind the scenes of the 5-year-old partnership between the college and Snitz Creek Brewery around Flying Dutchmen Ale.

Students must be 21 on the brew day, giving them ability to get the full real world experience of brewing and marketing beer, depending on their background.

The beer produced (Flying Dutchmen Ale) is roughly the same year-to-year at 4.5% ABV and 17 IBU.

Last year’s logo was created by then-student Kirsten Bannan.

“Homebrewing and brewing beer are two of the best hobbies that a chemist can have,” explains LVC assistant professor Dr. Elizabeth Sterner in the video.

In the video, LVC asst. professor Dr. Elizabeth Sterner discusses how brewing is the perfect hobby for chemists.

“You need the ability to calculate how much malt and how much hops you’re going to need for a recipe,you need the ability to work systematically like we do in the lab, and you need to have an understanding of how the yeast and the water quality and the characters of the malt are all going to add together to get your finished beer product.”

This isn’t the first time the class/collaboration has been profiled. Here’s another video from last year.

The beer should be available in the coming weeks, with an official reveal  during LVC Homecoming on Friday, October 12. If you are a LVC fan, or maybe just a Flying Dutchmen Ale fan, you can snag a branded sideline chair for pickup during Homecoming—only $40 as part of registration.