How is the coronavirus pandemic affecting students? Who better to tell us than students themselves. Today we’re publishing a submission from Cedar Crest senior Olivia Tobias.

Based on the abnormal circumstances, there were a few different choices in how a student could take classes. I chose a different approach in how I wanted to spend my senior year than a lot of other students. I thought that a college-style academic atmosphere was most suitable for me.

I am a dual-enrollment student, meaning I am enrolled in HACC and Cedar Crest High School. All my classes are independent and virtual. Therefore, I do not have to log into Zoom meetings at any time, unless I need extra assistance in office hours, allowing me to create my own schedule around my job and academics.

The college curriculum is much more rigorous than anything I have experienced in high school. For a single class I spend roughly 8-9 hours with homework and studying per week. Also, the independent virtual learning is difficult for someone like me that needs excessive explanation in a course such as my College Algebra class. However, using the resources HACC has provided, such as office hours and tutoring Zoom calls, I have been working through my difficulties.

Although the curriculum is intense, all my classes most likely will be transferable to my college of choice after graduating. I am excited for what my future holds, and it is reassuring to know that I will have a head start with credits and experience.

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