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Christman’s Funeral Home

Barbara A. (Katzel) Hardy (1935-2021)

Ruth M. Dundore (1938-2021)

Gregory N. Kurtz, Sr. (1947-2021)

Jeannette C. (LaTulippe) Layser

Maureen M. (O’Boyle) Wimmer (1940-2021)

Randy D. Geist (1946-2021)

Grose Funeral Home

William R. Funk (1931-2021)

Tammy Lynn Brubaker (1973-2021)

Jane F. Bashore (1932-2021)

Hetty Wengert (1936-2021)

Mays G. Kurtz, Jr. (1927-2021)

Shandra V. Etzweiler (1983-2021)

Karen J. Krill (1954-2021)

Kreamer Funeral Home

Kimon “Kim” Zoumas (1937-2021)

Louise K. Koons (1920-2021)

Mercedes Pujals-Padilla (1926-2021)

Mabel J. Hinkley (1925-2021)

Darla KcKeown-Hite (1940-2021)

Lois J. Coleman (1926-2021)

Margaret Bomberger (1924-2021)

Katisha M. “Katie” Williams (1987-2021)

Hazel V. Swisher (1940-2021)

Dana Shaffer Knoster (1969-2021)

Glen E. Sweinhart (1949-2021)

Stella M. Shyda (1923-2021)

Kreamer & Lum Funeral Home

Jennifer Lynn Mease (1964-2021)

Mary M. Hitz (1942-2021)

Dolores V. Uhler (1934-2021)

Cory L. Gracely (1971-2021)

Larry J. Pizzutillo (1939-2021)

Ruth E. Kreiser (1929-2021)

Rohland Funeral Home

Joseph F. Toth (1948-2021)

Judith Ann Kendig (1940-2021)

Pauline M. Reichard (1925-2021)

Janet M. Albright (1932-2021)

Barry “Pappy” L. Bugg (1961-2021)


Nancy (Ziegler) Smith (1952-2021)

Edward Bosha, Jr. (1924-2021) 

Thompson Funeral Home

Tina E. Detweiler (1955-2021)

Harry J. Nash (1940-2021)

Ellen Louise Mettley (1928-2021)

Irma Maldonado (1937-2021)

Marjorie G. Balsbaugh (1958-2021)

Ruth Ann Kelly (1953-2021)

John C. Bowman (1938-2021)

Edward V. Wahmann, Sr. (1943-2021)

Gloria Jean Sheaffer (1949-2021)

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