The Lebanon Valley Council on the Arts has launched its latest outdoor art exhibit along the Hazel Dike and Quittapahilla Creek in Lebanon.

The “Love Flows” exhibit spans the Veteran’s Walkway between 7th and 12th streets and showcases the work of local artists who used a heart shape as their canvas to explore themes of community and connection.

The exhibit carries forward the tradition started in 2020 with “Fish Out of Water” and continued last summer with “Art in the Wild: Connections.”

“COVID-19 restrictions really impacted our ability to hold indoor events, luckily we have this beautiful space right in the downtown area and it was perfect for a large-scale outdoor exhibit,” said council president Sharon Zook. “The exhibits have been very popular with the community and we hope to continue this event in future years.”

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More than a dozen artists submitted pieces for this year’s exhibit.

“This exhibit provided an opportunity for artists to speak to a variety of issues,” said Zook in a followup email to LebTown.

For the exhibit, Zook contributed a piece titled, “Koi: Because Color is Life.” Symbols of love and friendship in Japanese culture, koi have a color and movement that create an environment of serenity and relaxation, said Zook. “Rejuvenating life through observation.” (Provided photo)

The exhibit serves as testament to love in all its forms, whether the sublime love of nature, the love of the everyday experiences of family life and simple pleasures, or the sometimes painful love we hold for those experiencing tragedy, whether abroad (as in the case of the “Sunflower for Peace” entry evoking the colors of Ukraine) and at home (as experienced through the tragic loss of Sgt. William Lebo earlier this year, who is remembered through a piece titled “Lebo”).

“Lebanon PA: The Place to Grow” by Lebanon County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz. (Provided photo by Erik Soulliard)
“Pablo Pocket: One Fine Squirrel Bro” by Asher, Declan, and Nancy Soulliard. (Provided photo by Erik Soulliard)
“Love Patterns” by Lucas Reimann. (Provided photo by Erik Soulliard)
“Flying Colors” by Hannah Rebert. (Provided photo by Erik Soulliard)

The installation “gives voice to our citizens, allowing them to express through imagery who we are, what we doing, and project into who we can become,” said Zook.

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Find a full map of the artwork currently on display below.

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