The Lebanon County Commission for Women is seeking mini-grant proposals from local non-profits that want to raise awareness on a women’s issue or issues.

County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz posted the application to Facebook yesterday. The Lebanon County Commission for Women was established by the County Commissioners in 2003.

The mini-grants are targeted at organizations that want to:

  1. Promote awareness of women’s issues in the County;
  2. Become a catalyst for change for a women’s issue; and/or
  3. facilitate action on issues concerning women and children.

The application was opened February 1 and will remain open through the month. Awards will be announced in April with mandatory project reports due in December. Funds are not to be used for salaries or other personnel costs.

A total of $3,286 is available. The application calls for predicted goals and outcomes, as well as how those goals will be measured.


See other funding opportunities and scholarships available through the Commission for Women.