Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

116 North Railroad Street Lot 30
David A. and Pamela A. Miller to JVM Real Estate for $135,000.

600 East Walnut Street
Deborah J. Smith to Joseph and Kimberly A. Brickley for $210,000.

1318 East Main Street Lot 19
William N. and Debra J. Bering Sr. to Robert Boyer for $164,500.

Bethel Township

164 Union Road Lot 2
Josef P. and Jennifer L. Gates to Chelsea M. and Daniel S. Johnson for $174,900.

123 Laurel Drive Lot 93
John C. and Caroline L. Jernigan Sr. to John C. Jernigan Jr. for $1.

113 Hemlock Drive Lot 6
Steven and Maryann Janovici to Dakota D. Bryan for $66,500.

462 Grubb Avenue
Keith P. and Maria K. Reist to Keith P. and Maria K. Reist, Tiffany R. and Timothy W. Gilley for $1.

632 Mountain Drive
Casey W. and Melanie B. Davis to John and Sara Heberling for $270,250.

113 Hemlock Drive Lot 6
Steven and Maryann Janovici to Dakota D. Bryan for $66,500.

28 Village Drive
Dustin L. Zimmerman to Britney L. Simons for $239,900.

120 Short Road Lot 5
Elam S. and Lydia Z. Fisher to Elam S. Fisher Revocable Living Trust, Lydia Z. Fisher Revocable Living Trust, Elam S. and Lydia Z. Fisher for $1.

929 Mountain Drive
Millpond Properties to Brandon W. Gingrich for $185,000.

City of Lebanon

1127 Brandywine Street
WRF Property Management to Vilmarie A. Rivera for $69,999.

323 Hornet Street, 333 Hornet Street, and 520 Chapel Street
Starrwar Properties LLC to Reputable Streamline Properties LLC for $75,000.

588 Church Street
Richard D. and Paula Harner Jr. to Starrwar Properties LLC for $23,500.

109 Mifflin Street and 111 Mifflin Street Lot 80, etc.
Jeraldine C. Light, Jenna M. Kipp to Starrwar Properties LLC for $71,000.

340 South 6th Street
CR Property Group to Flippers & Keepers for $51,000.

426 North 9th Street
Jeffery R. and Debora L. Shewmaker to Samuel L. Stoltzfus for $290,000.

1246 Oak Street
Gary W. and Patricia J. Hartranft to William J. and Brenda N. Ecklund for $179,900.

631 Union Street
Walter L. and Kathleen L. Zehring to Dean L. Zehring for $1.

514 Federal Street
Walter L. and Kathleen L. Zehring to Duane G. and Mary W. Zehring for $1.

116 East Grant Street Part of Lots 618, 619, and 620
Anna M. DiJohnson to Christine M. Smith for $145,000.

121 Lehman Street
Redouane Benkhak, Jamila Maachou to Miguel A. R. Pontier for $107,000.

15 Pershing Avenue
Paul D. Peffley IV to Alexander M. Gonzalez, Norma Y. M. Mendez for $154,450.

120 Canal Street
Scott R. and Leslie M. Bowman to Benjamin L. and Calle W. Dunlop for $69,900.

515 South Fifth Avenue Lot 10
Brenda L. and Edward A. Stubblebine to Devon and Kimberly Lutz for $127,000.

508 Canal Street
Jeffrey W. and Heidi J. Griffith to Rodolfo Munoz, Maria C. R. Rivera for $72,000.

931 Chestnut Street
Charles K. and Joy F. Dana to Estrubhar Properties LLC for $197,000.

1105 Mifflin Street Corrective Deed
Wilbert R. Hivner Estate, David R. Hivner to David R. and Kay M. Hivner for $1.

1003 North 9th Street
Liz I. M. and Kyle P. Clark to Ariel G. Martinez, Keny T. R. Sierra for $147,000.

319 Guilford Street
Valmy A. S. Fuentes, Mayra E. N. Leandry to Yaquelin P. DeBatista for $98,000.

125 South 2nd Street
Jacqueline K. Kurta to Henry J. J. Bobadilla for $87,600.

4 Woodland EST Unit Number 48A
William D. Lebo to Onorina R. Lebo for $1.

925-929 Willow Street and 117 North Partridge Street
Saint Johns German Reformed Church to Penn Central Conference Of The United Church Of Christ for $1.

354 North 11th Street
Nabil Yagoubi, Elsie Gomez to Juan Suarez, Maria D. F. DeSuarez for $105,000.

540 Spruce Street
Ruth E. Yingst, Joan Y. Breidenstine to Gary and Lucinda Horst for $52,000.

646 Locust Street
Michael D. and Thomas J. Long to Kevin M. Retallack for $95,500.

436 North 7th Street
Jose A. Ramirez, Rosa M. Velasco to Alex Vazquez, Andrea Gonzalez for $105,000.

340 South Broad Street
Christopher J. Calderon to Lissette M. A. Ortiz for $135,000.

319 East Walnut Street Lot 158 and Part of Lot 157
Dianne L. Annibali to Emiliano D. Almonte, Ana M. R. Pena for $160,300.

314 Maple Street Lot 2
Joseph F. Miller Estate, Shirley Y. Miller to Shirley Y. Miller for $1.

917 Union Street
Terry R. Lerch to Edwin D. M. Vega for $61,500.

12 Canal Street
Kenneth D. Thompson Estate, Kenneth D. Thompson Jr. Estate, Kyle K. Thompson to Starrwar Properties LLC for $45,000.

20 Hoke Avenue
Kimberly J. Sillik to Kimberly J. Thomasco for $1.

130 South 2nd Street
D & D Investing to Fredrick Green for $94,000.

1604 Oak Street
Jeremiah J. Zimmerman to Michael P. and Lydia Wagner for $240,000.

711 Walnut Street
Equity Trust Company, Ronald Armstrong to Lion Secure Holdings for $60,000.

Cleona Borough

15 South Lincoln Street
EH Company LLC to Donald G. Longenecker for $240,000.

114 West Penn Avenue
Paul G. and Brion W. Crum to Tyler Price for $153,900.

557 East Penn Avenue
Jesse J. and Stacey L. Freeman to Jorge L. and Nikki DeJesus for $175,000.

Cornwall Borough

106 Store Lane
Darnell L. Pemberton to Millpond Properties for $106,560.

358 Granite Street Lot 71
Cameron C. and Mark C. Hess to Donn T. and Susan B. Taylor for $109,000.

153 Julia Lane Lot 44
Kevin S. and Jamie C. Jordan to Andrew D. and Jamie L. Coldren for $275,000.

123 Maple Lane
Minaxi M. and Madhukar R. Patel to Jay P. Patel for $400,000.

1219 Ash Lane Lot 355
Paul W. Dietz Estate, Ryan Dietz to Nathan K. and Rebecca Weaber for $292,000.

1810 Larch Circle
Wayne W. Baer, Lori L. Wyand to Jennifer and John E. Edwards for $365,000.

70 Norway Lane
Carol A. Kohr to Karlton and Carol A. Kohr for $1.

345 Pamela Lane Lot 91
Jamie L. Dishong, Jamie L. Harris to Jeffrey L. and Shellie Sterner for $152,000.

East Hanover Township

10712 Jonestown Road
Sean M. and Tanna L. Sullivan to Jason and Laura Dotray for $204,000.

216 Angle Road
Gertrude Orendock to Gertrude Orendock, Mary A. Linker for $1.

10791 Jonestown Road
Money Source Inc. to Mario Vaccarella for $51,250.

10477 Jonestown Road
Steven P. Bouchette to Brian S. and Bradley J. Herr for $120,000.

51 Picnic Woods Road
Willis R. Friese Jr. Estate, Charles E. Friese to Nair Maranhao for $355,000.

43 Coon Creek Road Lot 2
Lester L. and Dixie Kortright to Andrew R. Boyer, Christine E. Kirst for $100,000.

17 Log Cabin Drive
John C. Jernigan Jr. to Amy A. Hahn for $255,625.

Heidelberg Township

126 Michters Road
Josephine M. Kreitzer Estate, Patricia A. Kreitzer, Mary J. Matterness to Galen W. and Martha J. Hoover for $125,000.

1313 Stiegel Pike
Kellyn A. and Janae N. Hoover to Michael, Jacob, and Liviana Calini for $285,000.

4 Frederick Lane
William H. Sheaffer Estate, Debra J. Kreiser to Terry E. and Karen F. Miller for $98,000.

457 Sheep Hill Road Lot 2
Bonita M. Ressler to Payton A. Martin, Kristy J. Landis for $260,000.

3 Stillwater Lane, 5 Stillwater Lane, Confirmatory Deed
Edward H. and Jeanne D. Arnold to Edward H. and Jeanne D. Arnold for $1.

Jackson Township

14 Brookside Circle Lot 177
Robert N. Ernst to Carolyn Wakefield for $175,000.

55 Laurel Drive Lot 81
Lake E. Sechrist to FHG 92 for $116,000.

99 Kreider Road
Lucille E. Miller to Luke Z. and Denise W. Brubaker for $900,000.

99 Kreider Road
Lucille E. Miller, Donald L. Miller Estate to Lucille E. Miller for $1.

99 Kreider Road
Lucille E. and Donald L. Miller, Harold G. Miller Estate to Lucille E. and Donald L. Miller for $1.

(UPI #23-0000000-000000-0000)
Lucille, Harold, and Donald Miller, Cyrus F. Miller Estate to Lucille, Harold, and Donald Miller for $1.

(UPI #23-0000000-000000-0000)
Cyrus Miller to Cyrus and Helen I. Miller for $1.

(UPI #23-0000000-000000-0000)
Agnes A. Peiffer to Cyrus Miller for $5,855.

(UPI #23-0000000-000000-0000)
Mary, Clara I., James F., and Emma L. Peiffer, Nora M. and Calvin Troutman, Henry and Emma L. Lutz to Clayton Peiffer for $4,500.

34 Eisenhauer Road
Kathryn L. Gassert to Revital Home Co. for $110,000.

21 Fernwood Drive Lot 108
Terry O. and Suzanne N. Schott to Sheldon L. and Heather D. Martin for $260,000.

33 Rosemont Drive Lot 316
Bell Revocable Trust, Herbert A. and Vera F. Bell to Terry O. and Suzanne N. Schott for $185,000.

217 Golf Road
Norman H. Kurtz to Norman H. Kurtz Revocable Living Trust, Norman H. Kurtz for $1.

533 West Washington Avenue Lot 5
William A. and Pamela K. Bender to Tamara L. Lorah, Brian S. Bixler for $200,000.

468 West Main Avenue
Schelman Investments LLC to Lacie L. and David C. Cunkle for $185,000.

Millcreek Township

22 Evergreen Way Lot 309
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Eberly to Larry R. and Ellen M. Kramer for $218,097.

322 West Main Street
Christene L. Kramer to Michael A. Nix for $19,500.

4 Garden Drive Lot 250
Diane A. Moyer to George C. Farst for $205,000.

34 Stricklerstown Loop Road
John G. and Susette H. Wolfe to Adam and Richelle Sites for $340,000.

149 Sweetwater Lane
Adam C. and Richelle M. Sites to William C. and Mackenzie E. Leahy for $240,000.

17 Evergreen Way Lot 327
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Eberly to Diane A. Moyer for $206,802.

Mt. Gretna Borough

116 Harvard Avenue
Neal E. Bozentka to Neal Edward Bozentka Revocable Deed of Trust, Sharon Hannig Bozentka Revocable Deed of Trust for $1.

105 Chicago Avenue Lots 180, 191, and 182
Lia Xiaobo Harrington Irrevocable Trust, Leanne Harrington, Alvin B. Marshall to Lia A. Ghalith for $1.

105 Chicago Avenue Lots 180, 191, and 182
Lia A. Ghalith to Leane Harrington for $1.

Myerstown Borough

204 West Park Avenue
Parris C. and Catherine M. Beckhardt to Jonathan D. and Jene M. Hoffa for $210,000.

320 South College Street
Sharon L. Gassert to Rebekah D. Rittle for $70,000.

300 South Cherry Street
Jeffrey D. and Jenny M. Martin to Mark R. and Ashley Kelchner for $119,900.

704 South College Street
Douglas Miller to Douglas and Rebecca S. Miller for $1.

201 West Carpenter Avenue
Renee Lookenbill to Shaena M. Caggiano for $114,500.

10, 11, and 12 West Main Avenue
Jeffrey A. and Susan M. Peach to Railroad Street Inn & Suites for $75,000.

North Annville Township

1780 Blacks Bridge Road
Merle Ruth to Durrell E. Ruth Revocable Living Trust, Brenda M. Ruth Revocable Living Trust, Durrell E. and Brenda M. Ruth, Kathleen Martin for $1.

North Cornwall Township

1705 Center Street
Roy D. and Beverly A. Shirk to John J. Miller for $62,500.

13 Wheatland Circle Lot 28
Stephan M. and Melanie L. VanderPloog to Kathryn G. Reesor, Richard A. Barley for $600,000.

240 Weymouth Drive Lot 49
David S. and Judy A. Leggat to Jared M. and Mary A. Sweigart for $276,400.

150 South 22nd Street Lot 150
Keith R. and Mary F. Earle to Samuel Hernandez for $118,000.

2135 Colebrook Road
Karen S. Arnold to Melissa H. and Michelle A. Royer for $150,000.

431 Springwood Drive Unit 110
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Christopher A. Irizarry for $172,215.

111 Village Court
Fred L., Rick J., Marci J. Longenecker to Justin Kimmet for $99,000.

1875 Colebrook Road Lot 1
Leslie R. and Gloria H. Frey to Jerel L. and Leah M. Frey for $1.

10 Stoneleigh Drive
James H. and Margaret D. Broussard to Margaret D. Broussard for $1.

1811 Creek Run Lane Lot 2
Benjamin B. and Suzanne M. Shankroff to Benjamin B. Shankroff for $1.

531 Waterside Circle Lot 137
Gary S. and Rita M. Garson to Wayne W. Baer, Lori L. Wyand for $242,250.

429 Springwood Drive Unit 109
Kenneth Homes, Builder Services Group Inc. to Jomar M. Quiles, Cindy S. Rocha for $172,790.

1855 Colebrook Road
Richard E. Roof to Richard J. and Katie A. Roof for $1.

20 Greystone Crossing Lot 105
Narrows Glen Inc. to Ram B. and Shajan Rai for $287,930.

918 Dawson Street
Grace V. Shuey Estate, Douglas B. and Clayton H. Shuey Jr. to Stephen A. Weidman for $171,000.

1612 Center Street
Jennifer Esquivel to Alexis N. Roth, Davan Pifer for $113,000.

1816 Center Street
Syed A. and Syeda A. Yaqeen to Robert A. R. Magdaleno, Wendy A. Rivera for $150,000.

North Lebanon Township

905 Willow Lane Part of Lots 907 and 905
Virginia L. Stickler to Walter M. and Cindy M. Sattazahn for $200,000.

442 Grubb Avenue Lot 4
Cameron Batz to Karen and Rodney S. Arnold for $127,500.

1846 Creston Drive Lot 5 etc.
Stephen W. Springborn to Steven C. Gordon for $210,000.

143 Mountville Drive
Daniel C. and Michele Harmon to Daniel C. and Michele Harmon for $1.

354 Ebenezer Road Lot 1 etc.
Robert L. and Patricia P. Deck to Clint T. Weidman for $199,500.

1510 Rolling Meadow Road Lot 128
Michael R. Simmers, Rachel L. Kadziela to Christopher and Jamie L. Harris for $375,000.

12 East Brookfield Drive Lot 68
Zachary J. and Jennifer R. Cassel to Jose A. R. Quiroz, Rosa M. Velasco for $215,000.

1837 Lake Drive
Trevor L. Pierce to Chad S. and Amy E. Koehler for $246,000.

1728 North Seventh Street Lot 1
Jason A. Wilhelm to Jason A. and Vannessa Wilhelm for $1.

2169 Long Lane Lot 7
David Abreu to Trevor L. Pierce for $180,000.

910 Mount Zion Road
Shirley A. and Kenneth B. Fausnacht to Matthew J. Kern for $210,000.

1829 Lake Drive Lot 253
Michael D. and Lisa T. Shultz to Andrew T. and Chelsie A. Spotts for $289,900.

3020 Hanford Drive
Steven M. and Stacey L. Dresch to Steven M. and Stacey L. Dresch for $1.

1532 Sandhill Road Lots A and 3
Dorothy J. Putt, Seth L. Boltz to Christopher J. Hartman for $185,000.

861 Jay Street Lot 80
Woodlea Development Corporation Inc. to Hennick Construction Inc. for $40,000.

1544 Beta Avenue Lot 86
David Wolfe to Keith A. and Ashly M. Reed for $216,500.

803 Patmar Drive
Marilyn T. Meyer to Frederick T. and Sherrie A. Lenich for $220,000.

North Londonderry Township

288 Sweetwater Drive Lot 192
Jason P. and Cathy A. Ream to Jason P. Ream for $1.

ES Gravel Hill Road, 101 Eisenhower Road, Lot Addition “B”
Rodney A. and Deneen A. Seltzer to William E. and Sylvia A. Larson for $7,000.

44 Gravel Hill Road
Marian E. Grubb to Jeffrey S. Grubb for $1.

331 West Elm Street Lot 16
Candace S. Hess to Candace S. and Joshua C. Hess for $1.

45 Heather Lane Lot 8
Bank of America, Merrill Lynch Trust Company, Snatchko Christina Settlement Preservation Trust to First Citizens Community Bank, Snatchko Christina Settlement Preservation Trust for $1.

ES Hoffer Road Lot 1
Dennis L. Hess Estate, Carole A. Hess to Hess Family Living Trust, Carole A. Hess for $1.

Palmyra Borough

610 North Railroad Street
Lu A. K. Nugent to Nicholas T. Conlin for $169,900.

738 East Birch Street
Noah D. Grubic to Shane A. Herbe for $130,000.

402 South Harrison Street
Carsten Management LLC to Alden Rice, Amanda Strouse for $182,000.

119 North Franklin Street Lot 66
Christina S. and William G. Mann to Adam Phillippy, Cristina Rico for $190,000.

30 North Grant Street
Stefanie D. Grimm to Kathleen Byers for $134,900.

432 East Cherry Street
Hoeger Industries to Patricia A. and Terry L. Cave for $215,000.

335 East Walnut Street
Shirley E. Martin Estate, Robert L. Martin Jr., Lisa E. Vonada to Richard L. Ulrich Sr. for $145,000.

620 East Walnut Street Lot 244
Richard W. and HIllary N. Moser to Adam Fenstermacher, Abigail M. Parker for $232,000.

300 South Grant Street
Bryan Lambert to Bryan and Jessica L. Lambert for $1.

915 East Oak Street Lot 56D
Keith A. and Ashly M. Reed to Matthew I. and Laura C. Rissler for $165,000.

Richland Borough

10 Chestnut Street
Melissa A. Brown to Revital Home Co. for $58,000.

36 North Race Street
Harbour Property Group LLC to Amber N. and Nicholas D. Wolf for $195,000.

201 East Main Street
Gary and Margie A. Smeltz to Dash Management Group LLC for $60,000.

South Annville Township

627 South Lancaster Street Lot 114
Luke J. and Kimberly L. Hushagen to Thomas and Susan Rittle for $344,890.

732 South Mount Pleasant Road
Keith G. Manwiller to David Ace for $212,000.

113 Fontana Avenue
John and Earla Leisey to Daniel Z. and Lynnea E. Krall for $178,000.

South Lebanon Township

33 Eastfield Drive Lot 25
Sereyviseth A. Pheng to Daniel Pavelko, Erica R. Light for $270,000.

605 Meadow Drive Lot 170
Kirsten E. Clemens to Chelsea Pastal for $197,000.

744 South 4th Avenue
Carlos A. Nieves, Unknown Heirs to FHG 92 for $143,000.

2102 Allegheny Avenue
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dale Albertelli to Kuba Tamara J. IRA, Equity Trust Company for $73,000.

628 Meadow Drive Lot 143
Kenneth D. Thompson Estate, Kenneth D. Thompson Jr. Estate, Kyle K. Thompson to Rick A. Ohl, Anita Owens for $150,000.

1322 Birch Road
Michael and Lori Sensenig to Steven Koller, Lane E. Dahlke for $222,000.

64 Norfolk Lane Lot 35
Donald K. and Charlotte A. Shrewsbury to Andrew and Cortney A. Stine for $289,900.

805 Smith Avenue Lot 1
Ricardo J. Carrera to Philip J. Wurth for $180,900.

25 Pine Avenue
Bradley S. and Alyssa C. Clemens to Christina M. Wolfe for $210,000.

476 Charles Street Lot 148
Lorin C. and Frances L. Boggs to Richard A. Heine, Suzanne M. Flad for $290,000.

1 Rutherford Circle Lot 59
Reading Road Corporation Inc., Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Thao H. and Kelly R. R. Nguyen for $545,990.

702 Charles Street Lot 20
Brian S. Weaver to Brian S. and Cathy L. Weaver for $1.

1005 Marvin Avenue
Bernard J. Lepine to Cody Martin for $163,900.

640 Progress Avenue Lot 46
Jane K. S. Loser to Kenneth J. and Jenna R. Garman for $211,000.

2022 State Drive
Mary Jane Marinkov Estate, Mary J. Beebe to Howard F. Wood for $90,000.

South Londonderry Township

423 Springbrook Drive Lot 14
David N. and Cathy A. Bomberger to Krishna and Birkha Gurung for $319,500.

248 South Village Circle Unit 192
Kimberlee F. Jerrehian to Veritas Ventures for $206,000.

237 Forest Circle
William B. McQuiggan to Terrell D. Taylor for $163,000.

102 Glendon Drive Lot 3
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, S. Gerald Musser Builder to Robin L. Wilks for $109,900.

51 Springhaven Court Unit 223
Sandra E. Hoops to Shauna L. Stackhouse for $280,000.

120 Squire Lane Lot 88
Barry D. and Kerry A. Bieler to Kerry A. Bieler for $1.

55 Carriage Road Lot 104
Paul T. and Caitlin Steel to Thomas E. and Bronte I. Treacy for $325,000.

161 Eckert Road
Ellen E. and Daniel Patterson to Martel Family Farm LLC for $1,997,250.

11 Silver Lane and 13 Silver Lane
Kenneth R. and Mary E. Lehman to Amy D. and Dwayne E. Shirk for $499,000.

528 Farmhouse Lane
Frederick W. and Betty J. Adams Jr. to Shree R. and Chandra K. Regmi for $315,000.

2281 South Forge Road
Joshua D. and Miho Barto to Timothy R. Black for $215,000.

2044 South Forge Road
Wade A. Edris to Melanie Hansson for $160,000.

127 Lawn Road
Jonathan C. and Mandy J. Lauver to Brandon M. and Sherri L. Shirk for $325,000.

Swatara Township

2005 Grace Avenue
Michael S. and Emily N. Tobias to Eric Tobias for $1.

411 Cindy Drive Lot 67
Duane Koons Jr. to Marlon Kunhardt for $155,000.

2195 Route 72 North
Allen L. Schwartz Estate, Janet E. Light to Renee Lookenbill for $98,000.

West Cornwall Township

SS State Route 117
Kevin P. and Paula J. Miller to Kevin P. and Paula J. Miller for $1.

212 Boehm Avenue Lot 12
Stuart D. and Jennifer P. Kantmann to Chester W. N. and Emily Johns for $240,000.

35 Birch Avenue
Thomas N. Church, Sheila Gallagher to Charles H. Eichelberger III for $52,500.

340 Tree View Lane Lot 43
S. Gerald and Karen M. Musser to Christopher Stine for $297,466.

West Lebanon Township

2008 Lehman Street
Brian K. and Kelly A. Miller to Javier R. N. Otero, Taisha L. G. Hernandez for $125,900.

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