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Buse Funeral Home

Dennis C. Hummel (1949-2021)

John D. Howard (1946-2021)

Paul W. Zeiger, Jr. (1952-2021)

Richard Donmoyer Gerhart (1934-2021)

Christman’s Funeral Home

Susan Jane Light (1962-2021)

Clauser Funeral Home

Clifford “Toot” Sterling Wike (1932-2021)

Lester W. “Pappy” Zoll (1934-2021)

Grose Funeral Home

Charles E. Kohr (1932-2021)

James Bryan “Smitty” Smith (1956-2021)

Richard G. Moyer (1931-2021)

Vera Arlene Darkes (1927-2021)

Kreamer Funeral Home

Aldus E. Gingrich (1942-2021)

Bradley L. “Brad” Meyer (1957-2021)

Constance E. “Connie” Lengle (1950-2021)

Griffin A. Ferguson (1952-2021)

Linda L. Kersey (1941-2021)

Mardell K. Kline (1957-2021)

Marshall Delmar Cook (1930-2021)

Richard B. Carroll, Sr. (1927-2021)

William D. “Bill” Orr, Jr. (1933-2021)

Kreamer and Lum Funeral Home

Levi S. Gerhart, Jr. (1945-2021)

Robert M. “Bob” Kreider (1949-2021)

Russell E. Ebling, Jr. (1935-2021)

Rohland Funeral Home

Don Kenneth Hynum (1941-2021)

Helen Irene Crawford (1937-2021)

Jackson “Jack” Leon Imboden (1931-2021)

John H. Shanaman (1950-2021)

Shirley E. Achenbach (1922-2021)

Rothermel-Finkenbinder Funeral Home

Brenda J. Painter (1943-2021)

Edna Irene (Gruber) Tyson (1939-2021)

Mary E. (Moore) Kettering (1918-2021)

Nancy E. Cook (1942-2021)

Richard R. Borrelli (1962-2021)

Thompson Funeral Home

Cyril L. Banko (1927-2021)

Omar Edward Rodriguez (2005-2021)

Patricia M. Regan (1935-2021)

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