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Buse Funeral Home

Craig A. Stein (1958-2021)

John E. Bidding (1944-2021)

Christman’s Funeral Home

David Allen Shindel (1956-2021)

Carol Y. (Scaramuzzino) Lefever (1938-2021)

Grose Funeral Home

Donald J. Shartle (1936-2021)

Walter E. Ruhl (1947-2021)

Constance J. “Connie” Donkel (1934-2021)

Shirley M. Bennick (1936-2021)

Kreamer Funeral Home

Shirley Reynolds (1940-2021)

June H. Grimes (1933-2021)

Melvin Leroy Bunnell (1939-2021)

Lorraine Kreider Patton (1931-2021)

Patricia Ann Miller (1938-2021)

Gilberto Rolon (1946-2021)

George D. Curfman (1931-2021)

Kreamer and Lum Funeral Home

Donald J. Blouch (1939-2021)

Karen M. Bressler (1956-2021)

Beverly J. Brightbill (1951-2021)

Fern L. Reinbold (1953-2021)

Rohland Funeral Home

Frank W. Bering, Jr. (1941-2021)


Lois E. (Powers) Thompson (1920-2021)

Thompson Funeral Home

Michael E. Fritz (1955-2021)

Paul H. Batz, Jr. (1951-2021)

Edwin L. Olivo Martinez (1958-2021)

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