More than 130 volunteers showed up Saturday, April 23, to give Campbelltown a spring cleaning as part of the Campbelltown Community Alliance’s annual Spring Clean Up Day.

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Volunteer groups included four Girl Scout groups, the Palmyra High School Key Club, community residents, and Campbelltown Community Alliance (CCA) members. Altogether volunteers gathered about 2,580 lbs. of litter during the event.

“This town is really starting to shine with community spirit,” said CCA president Jen Bushta in a release. “Not only did Campbelltown get spruced up for the summer season, but the town sign was landscaped as well.”

Bushta said that the plantings and labor for the town sign beautification project were donated by KK Lawn and Landscape.

After the cleanup work was complete, volunteers were treated to lunch donated by several local businesses.

“The event was another huge success for CCA, the community, and especially for Campbelltown,” said Bushta. “After all, our main goal is to ‘Make Campbelltown Proud.'”

Visit the CCA website for more information on the group.

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