AuthorDavis Shaver

Jan Falk reminds you to vote November 5th

Going to the polls and having your voice be heard is one of the most important and unalienable rights you have as a United States citizen. We have the privilege of having this right, so why not use it? As November 5 draws near, Jan Falk wants you to know that for her, running for School Board is not a right, but a privilege.

🔗 Challenge to Lebanon County’s medical marijuana policy heading to PA Supreme Court

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will take up the case challenging Lebanon County's policy on medical marijuana and probation. The court has also issued a 'stay' on the policy that stops people on probation from using medical marijuana, even if they have a card. That means, the policy will not be enforced or implemented until further order from the Supreme Court.

Why one party rule?

Recent posts by certain Republican advertisers in LebTown would lead one to believe that continuing to have a Republican majority in the County Commissioner’s office this election would ensure superior performance and make Lebanon County “Stronger, Safer and Smarter”.