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Buse Funeral Home

Earlene M. Keener (1931-2021)

Janet F. Klinger Hanula (1935-2021)

Ruth S. Heller (1936-2021)

Vincent G. “Vinny” Althouse (1943-2021)

Christman’s Funeral Home

Annabelle V. (Vasile) Snook (10/9/2021)

Carol Marie (Pratt) Kirk (1947-2021)

Marlin L. Fisher, Jr. (1950-2021)

Roy R. “Patch” Patches (1928-2021)

Clauser Funeral Home

Brian “Beanie” R. Allwein (1972-2021)

Bruce A. Weaver (1970-2021)

Edward C. “Ed” Hartmann II (1941-2021)

Glen E. (Bud) Mitstifer, Jr. (1934-2021)

Joan L. Riehl (1931-2021)

Marlene E. Zimmerman (1976-2021)

Grose Funeral Home

Richard Allen Bashore, Sr. (1948-2021)

Robert Emmett Weiss (1935-2021)

Kreamer Funeral Home

Alma H. Burkholder (1953-2021)

Charles L. Lantz, Jr. (1937-2021)

Gary A. Winters (1948-2021)

Kenneth J. Smith (1945-2021)

Paul L. Goodman (1931-2021)

Richard “Dick” Dernar (1937-2021)

Ursel R. “Randy” Adkins (1932-2021)

Kreamer and Lum Funeral Home

Dr. Byron L. Clark (1942-2021)

Deanna F. Lesher (1940-2021)

George “Pete” Pedia (1937-2021)

John L. Cardella (1950-2021)

Ralph H. Houtz (1932-2021)

Rohland Funeral Home

Hazel J. Leonard (1932-2021)

Sherry Lee Manz (1959-2021)

Rothermel-Finkenbinder Funeral Home

Elwood “Woody” Lynn May (1941-2021)

Thompson Funeral Home

Santos Sanchez Rivera (1950-2021)

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