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Christman’s Funeral Home

Geraldine E. “Geri” Mease (1930-2021)

Clauser Funeral Home

Abner L. Lantz (1975-2021)

Dianne J. Kutz (1946-2021)

Gino A. Ferrieri (1941-2021)

Grose Funeral Home

Frederick R. Klein (1950-2021)

Helen Jean Mackey (1934-2021)

Leroy D. Umbenhauer (1939-2021)

William Allen Zulker (1926-2021)

Kreamer Funeral Home

Ann M. Hitz (1969-2021)

Beverly Ann Watson (1950-2021)

Carl L. Fasnacht (1928-2021)

Daryl G. Goss (1956-2021)

Elizabeth Ann Kalb (1936-2021)

Elizabeth C. Rutter (1920-2021)

Eugene C. Hostetter (1941-2021)

Frank T. Wing (1933-2021)

Larry Lee Felty (2021)

Kreamer and Lum Funeral Home

Eugene J. Blouch (1946-2021)

Gladys S. Grumbine (1928-2021)

Rohland Funeral Home

Elsie I. Grumbine (1930-2021)

Harry L. Fox, Sr. (1947-2021)

James J. Heilman (1956-2021)

Olive C. Huisman (1930-2021)

Robert E. Kiscadden (1926-2021)

Rothermel-Finkenbinder Funeral Home

Gloria Mae (Smith) Kettering (1930-2021)

Isaac “Ike” W. Tyson (1939-2021)

PO (Ret) John “Zipper” Paul Maderik, NYPD (1942-2021)

Nancy Riegel (1939-2021)

Warren Lewis, Sr. (1939-2021)

Thompson Funeral Home

Birdella R. Wise (1932-2021)

Billy A. Jones (1967-2021)

Helen D. Meiser (1932-2021)

James “Jim” R. Carpenter (1940-2021)

John H. Eck, Jr. (1941-2021)

John “Jack” C. Spesak, Jr. (1948-2021)

Josue Miguel Rivera (1991-2021)

Pablo A. Pacheco Canela (1951-2021)

Robert J. Werth (1935-2021)

William H. Trostel, Jr. (1968-2021)

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