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Buse Funeral Home

Mary Alice Geesaman (1922-2021)

Kenny Giovany Velasquez Rivera (1994-2021)

Mary R. Rhine (1918-2021)

Scott D. Strine (1962-2021)

Betty J. Wyrick (1939-2021)

Mary E. Bailey (1925-2021)

Patricia A. Dosh (1938-2021)

Jeffrey A. Einsig, Sr. (1960-2021)

Martin J. Johnson, Jr. (1928-2021)

Richard J. Engle (1945-2021)

Constance M. Miller (1936-2021)

Christman’s Funeral Home

Robert C. “Bobby” Krumbine (1932-2021)

Robert L. Weaver (1941-2021)

Lynn L. Keener (1956-2021)

Suzanne G. “Sue” (Swartz) Smith (1964-2021)

Clauser Funeral Home

David S. Sensenig (1951-2021)

Ruth H. Peiffer (1935-2021)

Mervin W. Horst (1932-2021)

Carolyn M. Sutherly Hauck (1931-2021)

Richard A. Donmoyer, Jr. (1954-2021)

Grose Funeral Home

Mark S. Blauch (1988-2021)

May R. Behney (1939-2021)

Paul D. Lerch (1939-2021)

Mary J. Boltz (1926-2021)

Kreamer Funeral Home

Clarence William Hitz, Sr. (1940-2021)

Robert E. Baker (1944-2021)

A. Louise Kreiser (1929-2021)

Linda L. Rittle (1938-2021)

Winston L. Heisey (1941-2021)

James Michael “Mike” Morrissey, Jr. (1949-2021)

Debra A. Staley (1953-2021)

Daniel G. “Donato” Matrese (1958-2021)

Ralph L. Whitman (1940-2021)

Kreamer and Lum Funeral Home

Betty L. Lineweaver (1947-2021)

Terry L. Miller (1955-2021)

Jason M. Wildasin, Sr. (1974-2021)

Eileen F. George (1942-2021)

Darryl A. Hoover (1964-2021)

Rohland Funeral Home

Elizabeth A. “Betty” Schies (1935-2021)

Esther Ruth Zellers (1947-2021)

Barry R. Davis (1946-2021)

Jose Cruz, Jr. (1944-2021)

Doris G. Donmoyer (1929-2021)

John Huston Dalton (1946-2021)

George Paul Keller (1964-2021)


Robert Anthony Talalai (1933-2021)

Pauline V. (Morris) Keyton (1930-2021)

Commissioner William Edgar Ames (1940-2021)

Thompson Funeral Home

Wanda I. Segarra (1963-2021)

Ariel Salazar Acosta (1966-2021)

Jose Luis Ramos Luciano (1969-2021)

David C. Ermold (1942-2021)

Christine E. Hoch (1934-2021)

Michele R. Miller (1969-2021)

Karen M. Meyer (1971-2021)

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