LebTown is featuring a different Lebanon County pet each Friday to help us enter the weekend with the best vibes possible.

This week’s pets are Link and Deke, owned by Alaina and Benjamin, of Lebanon.

Link is a beagle and Australian Shepherd mix, and Deke is a labrador retriever.

When the pups first met, Link was six months old and Deke was one year old. The dogs brought their owners together. Now, five years later, the two are brothers forever.

Deke was bred from strong field trial lines to run, hunt for tests, and hunt waterfowl.

On the other hand, Link was a rescue pup. Link is very energetic and loves to make people feel safe with his cuddles.

Although Link and Deke love to wrestle with each other, they work together when it comes to hunting down the groundhogs that roam their territory and the surrounding areas. They treat the groundhogs as if they were toys.

Link and Deke are the perfect match for their active owners and will always be a part of their story.

Congratulations Link and Deke, on being LebTown’s Pet of the Week!

Looking for a pet? Check out available adoptions at the Humane Society of Lebanon County.

To nominate your pet, email pets@lebtown.com and include:

  • Your name and your pet’s name
  • Pet’s breed if applicable
  • A little about your pet and why they should be “Pet of the Week”
  • And of course—pictures! Feel free to send attachments or a link to an online storage service.

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